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Show Your Strap – Street wear Trends

You come across so many people in a day and everyone is wearing their own style statements in a different manner. This is why we at Clovia believe that the most inspirations for all the latest trends can be found on the streets and this is why we decided to bring the best of those spotted trends together in for you. Did you know there’s so much one can get out of these street’s trends, and if not, then check some out:


A casual peek-a-boo of your bra through your off shoulder top is just the most popular trend going on the streets. Whether you are going for shopping, party, work or just anywhere around, this one shoulder bra strap show can be found anywhere and it looks really cool and stylish. Specially if you mix and match the bra straps a little bit. If your bra strap is dull then you can easily switch it with the designer bra straps available on Clovia.


This is the latest popular look of showing the bra hook at the back. Earlier it wasn’t a good looking thing but nowadays the latest trends have taught the women out there to adorn this statement with grace and they are doing pretty well in that. So, next time when you wear that backless or low back top, remember to enhance it a bit with the strap show. If your hook strap is not good enough to show off, then you better change them by getting some stylish straps from Clovia that have studded stones and designs instead of a normal hook at the back.


Wearing a sheer top and enhancing it with a contrast coloured bra can be the sexiest thing you adorn. Whether you are going out for gym or shopping, this look won’t fail anywhere. Wear a white sheer cut sleeve top and mix it with a contrast black bra, pink bra or any coloured bra showing the straps on shoulders. This can be the easiest show your strap look you can ever adorn. Don’t wait and hit it!


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