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Shapewear Guide: Different Shapewears for Multiple Outfits

Shapewear Guide: Different shapewear for Multiple Outfits

Nope girl! You need to build your shapewear wardrobe just like you build your bra wardrobe. A separate style to go with every outfit. Different shapewears targets a set of areas. Some are meant just for the tummy while others work on thighs, butt, etc. Let’s learn from the scratch.

Here are The  Different Kinds of Body Shapewear for Women

1. Full Body Shapewear

These help in smoothing up the bumps and problem bits on your entire mid-section. Starting from the bust down till the tummy and hips, it helps in shaping and keeps you comfortable. This may also include a built-in bra which can be bought according to your size and offer the right fit.

Body Shape Apple, hourglass and pear

Wear it with This all-over support is great for dresses, skirts, pants and jumpsuits.

2. Bust Shapewear

This goes beyond the functionality of your push-up bra and enhances your bust line by giving it the perfect shape. It also offers complete supports, looks absolutely natural and should be purchased according to your bra size.

Body Shape – Hourglass and apple

Wear it with –Tees, dresses and thinner fabrics which would cling to the body – it reveals smooth lines and a great silhouette.

3. Thigh Shapewear

 It helps in shaping up your lower body and offers good support to thighs. Top-notch thigh shapers come with a special grip or band at the bottom of the leg to avoid rolling and shifting.

Body Shape – Hourglass and pear

Wear it with – The perfect undergarment for slim-fitting pants, shorts and skirts.

4. Tummy Shapewear

It features a support panel which runs over the front of the brief, hipster or thong and flattens the tummy to create a toned and defined silhouette.

Body Shape – Pear and hourglass

Wear it with –This popular shapewear is versatile, comfortable and easy to wear – and you can wear them under anything! 


5. Saree Shapewear

Saree shapewears are the latest trend; it gives you a flattering mermaid-like figure while you don your favourite saree with panache. There’s an array of colours to choose from to match with your saree collection.

Body Shape – Pear and hourglass

Wear it with –This popular saree shapewear is adaptable, relaxed and easy to wear – wear in under sarees, lehengas and gown too get the much-desired mermaid figure. 


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