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How Shapewear Can Solve Your Outfit Dilemmas

How Shapewear Can Solve Your Outfit Dilemmas

You are probably already well aware of the scenario that follows as it pretty well sums up the need to wear amazing clothes balanced against the physical limitations that are preventing you. If only there was a magic spell that would shrink your body just a little so you could fit into one of those slim dresses without looking like you’re fat bits are going to bust out of it at any moment. You’d give your right arm for a spell like that!

Well, keep your arm and get your credit card out instead. There is an instant solution to your dilemma and it does not involve surgery or starving yourself!


So go ahead and give yourself the gift of a new boost in confidence and self esteem by wearing shapewears beneath the dress of your dreams.
Here are a few shapewear styles perfect to go with your choice of dress:

1. Open-Bust Shaper

It is open in the bust area, covers your tummy, has high-rise cut on the thighs and covers the entire back. This shapewear is designed to give a toned look to your waist, belly, and back and gives a natural look to your bust.

2. Tummy Tucker

Gained a few calories on the belly lately? Now you needn’t worry about that extra belly fat. You can grab on this foundation garment called tummy tucker. It stretches from below the bust area to the abdomen, neatly hiding the belly fat that makes you look slim!

3. Camisole

Another shapewear available is Camisole, it is used to flatten your tummy, back and give shape to your bust. It has adjustable thin straps and stretches from your torso till your abdomen. Slim away that extra fat and look stunning in your attire!

4. Waist Cinchers/Corset

This snug-fitting garment is an underbust shapewear. It enhances your waistline which gives a slender look. Try this amazing shapewear and look fabulous. So, next time you plan a party wear this under a dress and make jaws drop!

5. High Waist Brief

This shapewear covers your tummy, waistline, and hips. If you wish to wear a comfortable shapewear with proper breathability then this is a perfect choice. All the fashion divas out there this garment definitely deserves a place in your wardrobe!

6. Bodysuit

For an overall shaping, that is from your torso till your crotch, then bodysuit is a perfect piece of clothing for a svelte body shape. The best part you can wear it under any garment or can also use it as an outerwear!

7. Thigh/Leg Shaper

This shaper covers your extra bulges of the tummy, waist, hips and thighs. With a high-rise on the tummy and stretch till your thighs provide you comfort and let you be in shape for long. Try this thigh/leg shaper today and own the stage with confidence!

Go out and show it off like you know you want to!

Kusum Manral

Kusum Manral

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