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The Comfiest Pants For Lounging Around The House

The Comfiest Pants For Lounging Around The House

There was a time, a dark time ago we all used to wear jeans all day and no wonder if I say, whoever is reading this blog, is definitely wearing boxer or sweatpants. We just love wearing the comfiest clothes, don’t we? Especially now that we all are quarantined no one is even touching their dresses and jeans.

Finding the right pair of pants that look flattering and feel comfortable can be challenging for anyone. Whether you are looking for breathable pants for your WFH days or comfy pants to just to lounge around your house, we have got you the best options listed down.

1. Cotton Pyjamas

Cotton PyjamasBelieve it or not, pyjamas can make or break a good night’s sleep. You might have found yourself sleeping in your regular outfits, but if you are investing in your matrices, sheets and pillows why not treat yourself to pyjamas too?

Imagine how soothing it is sleep wearing cotton pyjamas, they are the closest thing on your body and slipping into the right ones at night will put you in the mood to catch some Zzz. Cotton is best known for its breathability and comfort. The range of cotton pyjamas on Clovia are crafted with a blend of cotton and spandex that enhances it’s stretchability and makes it an ideal pick for your all day long lounging.

2. Cotton Shorts

Cotton ShortsIf you are not into full-length loungewear then shorts will be your best friend when it comes to comfort. Shorts look cute and feel comfy, there are endless ways of styling cotton shorts. You can wear them with a cute tee for all-day lounging or style it with a spaghetti top for a good night’s sleep. At Clovia, you can find a range of cotton shorts in pretty floral prints and cute cartoon prints or you could pick boxers in cool checkered fabrics.

3. Satin Pyjamas

Satin PyjamasIf you are a fan of smooth fabric, then satin pyjamas are love. Every girl should have at least have one pair of satin pyjamas in her closet. There’s something about satin pyjamas that make you feel glam even when you’re dressed to go to bed. They make you feel luxurious while keeping you comfy in that buttery soft fabric. We have a wide variety of satin pyjamas varying from rich dark shades to pretty pastel ones.

4. Capris

Crepe CaprisWell, if you are someone who feels shorts are too revealing and pyjamas are too modest then we have something for you. You should totally try satin capris, they hit at around mid-calf and provides you with both comfort and coverage. Frankly, these are the new fashion trends which come in different styles. They are also the comfiest pants to be styled for an incredible look. The newest styles trending now are print capris, capris with lacing up the side, stripped wide cropped capris and many others.

5. Tights

Leggings/ Tights

If you think tights are only for your workout sessions then you are totally wrong, they are widely used for many other purposes. Tights have made a special place in every woman’s wardrobe across the globe. Thanks to its comfort and versatility for being most comfortable pants ever! There are various ways to style one pair of tights and transform into many looks. Think of an oversized tee and a pair of sneakers for an effortlessly comfy vibe. Or let’s say a cool mesh top with a crop top for a street style look. These are really comfortable compared to any of your basic denim jeans and which is exactly why it doesn’t require to change clothes if you have to run errands. Leggings could easily describe as a classic wardrobe staple at this point. Believe me, if you know how to style leggings then they are never out of fashion.

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So, you’ve finally explored the list of best lounge pants… now what?

Of course, you’ll want to ensure that they last as long as possible and look pretty good. Aside from sticking to high-quality and durable styles, the best way to do this is to take care of your clothes properly. Wash them regularly, put them in a clean cupboard and use fragrant detergents to keep your clothes fresh and super comfortable. However, these were a few tips that generally apply to all lounge pants. Make sure to keep them in mind!

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