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Cotton Panties You Should Try This Summer

Cotton panties to try this summer

When summer is just around the corner, cotton is the king, or in our case, the queen! Because of its incredible breathability, there is no better substitute. The absorbency of this fabric makes it a hit not only for hot summers but also for humid monsoons.

Cotton panties have always been popular and preferred by Indian women because of the comfort & durability it offer during the scorching summers. The fabric allows air to circulate, minimizing moisture buildup and keeps you fresh and sweat-free all day long. Cotton panties are hypoallergic and reduces the chances of skin irritation or infections.

Types of Cotton Panties 

Cotton panties come in a variety of styles to compliment your daily outfits, whether you have an ethnic wardrobe, a casual one or a formal one. Here are some picks that you should choose for hassle-free summers.

Bikini Panties

cotton bikini panty

Bikini panties are one of the most common panty types. They are a great choice for everyday wear. Available in three rise options; low, mid & high these panties can be paired with any outfits you carry this summer season.

Hipster Panties

cotton hipster panty

Hipster panties are an amazing choice for Indian body types. They come in a mid and high waist rise allowing you to pair it with different bottom styles. They offer full rear coverage providing unmatched comfort. You can choose from a wide range of prints & colours so you don’t have to wear boring panties every day!


cotton boyshort panty

Boyshorts are the comfiest of briefs of all and are a must-have for every girl’s wardrobe. They provide full rear coverage, a more relaxed fit and also prevent thigh chaffing. You can wear these under a dress, skirts, jeans and trousers.


cotton boyleg panty

Boyleg not to be confused with boyshorts offer longer leg openings to disable the irritation of constant friction between inner thighs and prevent chaffing. Boyleg panties are the best choice for wearing under short dresses and skirts to protect modesty.


cotton thong

Did you know thongs are not always sexy lacy ones? Yes the most sexy panty style is also available in the most comfy fabric – cotton. Thongs can be your best bet if you wish to eliminate those sneaky panty lines. They can be worn under body-hugging dresses or fitted trousers.

Cotton panties should be an essential part of your summer wardrobe. Now that we know it’s benefits it’s time to explore Clovia’s collection of cotton panties. They are stylish, trendy, comfy and oh-so-cute! Browse the collection now and pick any 4 panties for just 599. 

Happy Shopping!

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