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Only If You Knew These 8 Bra Hacks Sooner


From using a hair straightener to iron your shirt collars to dabbing toothpaste to tame pimples, women have pretty much mastered the art of hacks (or as we call it – jugaad!)

When it comes to fashion, women are always on the lookout for new tips and tricks to make their lives easier. Lingerie is one thing that we women share a love-hate relationship with.  There are days when you just don’t want to wear a bra and others when a only a good bra can boost your inner confidence.

I know I’m not the only one who has been in some really embarrassing situation just because of that mischievous bra. Think of the times when your nipples were too excited to say hi to every stranger passing by or times when your bra decided to break up with the straps or the times your bra trapped some popcorn while you were watching a movie with your BAE. It all sounds familiar, isn’t it?

Well, there isn’t an escape to all these problems, but I can definitely share some genius bra hacks you wish you knew sooner.


Hack 1:

If your straps keep falling off the shoulders, just convert them into a crisscross back.

If the straps are not detachable, you can always grab a paper pin and clip them in a crisscross style.This is even great for times when you don’t want your straps to show underneath a racerback top or dress.


Hack 2

What to wear under a backless dress has always been a problem for most of the girls out there. The fear of a strapless bra slipping down or the horror of visible bra strap often bothers us. Here’s a permanent hack to your problem, stick a bra to your backless dress. This way you can flaunt your outfit without any worries.



Hack 3

Bras taking up a lot of space in your cupboard? Just hang them on a hanger. You can save ample of space this way while keeping the shape of your dear bras intact.

hanging bras


Hack 4

Washing your bras in a washing machine is never a good idea. It always ends up tangled into a bra chain and the hooks might even rip off your pretty lace bra. But if you may still have to do so, put your bra in a vegetable mesh bag and then throw in the washer. Remember to keep each bra in a separate bag.


Hack 5

If your bra cups fit you perfectly but the band is tight, try using a bra extender. This is a very cool way of adding a few extra inches to your favourite bra.

Bra Extender Hook


Hack 6

Boob sweat is a thing! Save yourself from the embarrassing sweat stains on your top with a sanitary napkin. Cut it into half, just enough to fit the underband of your bra. This is an easy way of soaking in all that sweat and keeping your top stain-free.

Boob Sweat Hack


Hack 7

Get rid of those painful bra straps by adding some cushioning. Remove the bra cup inserts of your bra and place them over your shoulders, under the straps.


Hack 8

Hide your cleavage. If there is a specific top that you like but the neckline is too low for you, here’s a bra hack. You can always pick a pretty matching lace bandeau bra and sew it to the inside of the top. Voila! Now you don’t have to drop that stylized top you liked.

Hide Cleavage

Did we miss out on something? Let us know!

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