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Oh La La! These Lace Bras Are All Set To Make You Feel Sexy

Nothing can compare to the grace and beauty of lace. One little plush addition of this gorgeous fabric is enough to make any design irresistible. Not to mention the lovable feeling it brings along as we slip into it. Then why should your beloved bra collection stay untouched? Lacify them with these gorgeous additions.

1. All over lace

For those out and out lace fans, this is the one to go for. These all over lace bras are crafted with no additions but lace as the base fabric. The lace material used in this one is usually sturdier than the ones used only for beautification. The variety and colours available in this category are endless and sure to satiate your lace love. When looking for more support, go for the underwired ones.

All over lace

2. Fusion bras

These bras are the perfect combination of lace beauty and support. Usually these are designed with base material being cotton, polyamide or something more supportive and major elements of it are beautified with lace. So, you get to enjoy the uncompromised lace beauty without letting go of the comfort and support factor.

Fusion bras

3. Lacy cups

One of the most common type of lace bras, these usually have additional layer of lace on the bra cups. These come in all kinds of varieties be it underwired, padded or push-up. The lace used in such bras is smoother than the others and thus allow such bras to be easily worn under your casual, ethnic and even office wear.

Lacy cups

4. Sexy Bralettes & Longlines

When sexy is all that is on your mind, head directly for longline lace bras or lace bralettes. These sheer and sexy styles are made entirely with the most elegant of laces in vibrant colours and trendy designs. They are also quite versatile as they can be worn under your jackets as a top or replace your summer tops while teaming with shorts or skirts.

Sexy Bralettes & Longlines

Sexy Bralettes & Longlines


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5. Red Hots

Bridal and lace go hand in hand. Nothing accentuates the grace of bridal lingerie more than lace. Make your collection red hot by adding pink, maroon and blood red shades of lace bras to your collection at your comfort convenience. These bras are available in not only all lace category but also in supportive push-ups, padded and underwired styles.

Red Hots

Red Hots

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6. Lace mates

When you don’t feel like taking away the grace of your lace bra with a normal cotton panty, opt for lace bra and panty sets. These lace mates are crafted in the same colour and design patterns and thus complement each other perfectly, giving you that lace worthy look and feel.

Lace mates

7. Show-offs

If you own a lace bra but aren’t showing it off, then you are missing out on a lot. There are a lot of classy and cheeky ways to show off your little lacy bra and when doing it, do it right. These trendy and stunning lace show-off bras come with the perfect patterns and designs that you can let peek from your outerwear in many different ways.




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