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Nightwear Essentials For Ladies Who Love To Sleep In Style

There was a time when women nightwear used to refer to a shapeless cotton nighty but nowadays, nightwear is a blanket term used to describe everything from comfy nightgown to a sexy babydoll dress. What a woman wears to bed vastly depends on her mood, preference, season or occasion. A perfect night dress wardrobe covers all the basics by including these essentials:


e349b4e9e5dcb8e8a85bd911bcb1151a Pajamas embody comfort and functionality. They’re super comfy to sleep in and are also ideal lounge wear for home. Whether it is summer or winter, they’re great all year around.

Cami Shorts Set :

EV7C3248 (1) A cami shorts set makes for perfect summer sleepwear. Not only does it provide you ease of movement but it also makes you look as cute as a button. Look heartbreakingly adorable.

Satin Slip :

91d0688a687057baaeb207f2937b22a5 Nothing says chic and sophisticated like a classic satin slip. The dainty satin fabric combined with the sexy cut of the slip gives you an effortlessly hot look. This is the sleepwear version of the legendary little black dress – everyone must have one.


A baby doll dress is as hot as women’s nightwear gets. It has everything – the looks, the style and the oomph factor. Add a little bit of naughtiness to your wardrobe and set the sheets on fire.


The robe is a humble and often overlooked part of nightwear but don’t underestimate it. It comes in handy as a cover-up layer over your sleepwear. Imagine the doorbell rinds early in the morning but instead of frantically changing your clothes, all you have to do is put this elegant robe on to answer the door. On top of it all, it adds to your look.


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