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Kim Goes Nearly Nude… In Style!

Kim Goes Nearly Nude... In Style!

Every time I think about the Kardashians, a whole buncha body parts start to waver over my mind. Not because that’s all they are but cause they all have such sparkling personalities. They are modern art and the legit hottest part of this generation. Amongst all the Kardashian and Jenner sisters if anyone has been given Instagram’s censorship rules a run for their money, it’s Kim Kardashian. The selfie queen is notorious for posting out of the blues pictures of her without a sigh of a doubt.

Kim Kardashian West is distinguished for wearing risqué outfits. But her latest look is special because the completely see-through dress leaves nothing at all to the imagination. This boss lady loves to be extremely sexy but manages to keep her respect intact. Kim never fails to keep her best fashion foot forward. Being organized sexy is the way of the new woman, and Kim is a hardcore believer of this notion.

Well! surprising as it may seem, Kim is not alone when it comes to sporting daring OTT street styles. Other renowned names like Rihanna and Bella Hadid also endorse sex positivity through their explicit clothing choices. However, I strongly feel the core crux behind fashion is confidence and it takes a huge amount of guts to wear something this bold and walk the streets.

If you sit down to think over it, parading around cities while showing off ‘the assets’ is a no sweat job for the celebrities, but common people have yet not been able to adopt this trend. Perhaps it’s because, in an era of #MeToo, women, maybe rightfully so, are afraid to put their sexuality out there or they feel inappropriate while doing so.

Lingerie and confidence are antonyms in layman’s language.  But it certainly does not mean you cannot flaunt the much famous Kim Kardashian sass. Ladies! There are tons of options out there to keep your modesty intact.

Wear sheer /exposed outfits without a sigh! Opt the following options:


 1. Nipple Pasties

News: Nipple pasties for dancers is an old story! No longer exclusive, they in-fact work wonders for slight coverage. While offering full nipple coverage, self-adhesive pasties are a go-to for wearing under backless or deep-plunge dresses and shirts, and anything strapless or with spaghetti straps.

There are varieties of pasties available in the market, two of most famous are:

  • Disposable pasties: Crafted with breathable satin, these pasties work best for bigger nipples and
  • Silicon pasties: These reusable pasties come in different shades and are virtually invisible. They are best suited for tops that are slightly transparent or have sheer cutouts.


2. Nude Coloured Lingerie

For those who are blessed with huge blossoms, seamless bras come as a blessing in disguise. They are efficient alternatives to pasties. Seamless bras are comfortable and provide a proper fit. Looking for such a bra? Search no more! Magic bras from Clovia are your knight in shining armour.

3. Stick On Bra

Looking for a solution to your backless or sheer dress? Stick-on bras are the most trending solution. These stick-on bras are crafted with silicone grips which snugly stick onto your skin, and the drawstrings at the front enhance the cleavage and give you the most desired ‘kissing cleavage’.

4. Thongs

 Slaying in this outrageous outfit can be more fascinating if you pair it up with a sexy stringy thong. Style up your attire just as Kim has styled her look with a petite nude thong.

Clovia has a huge collection of thongs from basic cotton ones to lacy low waist ones and numerous bras to complete this sassy look.

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