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Easy Tips to Crack your CA Exams

Chartered Accountancy is one of the toughest and most popular professional courses in India. It is not a piece of cake to pass the CA exam since it requires lots of hard work and consistency throughout the tenure. Nothing seems tough if you have the interest to study, confidence. On average a CA student needs to study almost 12,000 pages of study material in CA coaching classes. But you can overcome your fears and anxiety attacks and achieve your goals if you focus and follow these easy tips to ace the CA exams:

Time management

First and foremost time management. No matter how much knowledge you have, how much material studied if you can’t manage time then it’s a total waste. You should never procrastinate and postpone your study/revision sessions as doing so will only increase your burden and makes everything hectic at the end of the day.

Check out the Syllabus, Create a proper plan and try to revise all Topics and Subjects

To prepare for the CA exam properly, an aspirant requires a good strategy to ace one of the hardest exams. From having knowledge of the complete syllabus to plan for revising the entire syllabus within a proper time interval. To do so, firstly aspirants need to collect all the relevant study material and a syllabus copy then prepare a proper study plan including time for revision of all topics and subjects completely.

Divide and Revise the topics

As this is one of the toughest exams to pass there will be a lot of topics to study. Every CA level has a large portion to cover. A good strategy to follow is “Divide and revise”. Divide your subjects into smaller topics and then do your revisions. This will help you to study without a burden and can make you feel less tense.

Studying daily

Studying every day is very important to get through the CA exams. However, spending more than 10-11 hours a day can tax your brain. You need to practice question papers and try to solve mock papers for every subject with time allotted to answer all the questions within a specified time limit. This practice will help you while finishing your final exam within the time frame, giving you some time to recheck your answers at the end.

Solving Previous Years Papers, ICAI mock Papers:

Solving past year question papers, writing mock tests gives you an idea of how the pattern is going to be and what all topics should be given more importance. Solving last year’s question will tell you how much prepared you are for the examination. Mock exams test not only test your knowledge but also your speed and writing skills, all of which play crucial roles in your final performance. These tests will help you set your time limit when you answer your paper. And improve your performance for your final test.

Be healthy

Health is everything. Even if you worked hard if you fall sick your result is going to be zero. You should pay special attention to your health, unless you are healthy, you cannot focus completely on your study. To stay healthy you need to do yoga and meditation regularly. You can reduce your stress by exercising regularly or go for a walk if you want to. Sleep at least 7 hours every night and eat healthy nourishing meals. Avoid oily and junk food.

Stay positive

Last but not least stay positive. Make sure to be both mentally and physically strenuous. Stay positive and be calm and peaceful. This will boost your confidence and help you score well. If you worry too much before your exam you might get panic and anxiety attacks that may affect your best performance.

Acing every level of the CA exam is very important to be certified as a Chartered Accountant, but that does not guarantee you a proper career path. It is important to score well to be selected by an excellent CA firm.

Abhay Batra

Abhay Batra

Chief Financial Officer at Clovia
Abhay Batra is a seasoned professional with a rich experience of 9 years covering a plethora of business functions viz. Audits, operations, quality, enterprise risk management, finance, legal & compliance and has worked across 15 countries. Currently, Abhay is the Chief Financial Officer at Clovia (Purple Panda Fashions Pvt Ltd) and outside of work, Abhay is a trained Hindustani classical vocalist and enjoys listening to English ’70s/80’s rock, grunge, jazz and Sufi house genres of music. He is also a huge fan of Chelsea Football Club and the Indian National Football Team.
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