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DIY – Convert your old bra into a fashion bralette.

DIY - Convert your old bra into a fashion bralette

Bralettes are the new popular fashion trend. They are one sassy underfashion clothing that just makes you look perfect and stylish even when worn as an outwear. A lot of women desire to have bralettes in their collection but don’t consider them as a practical investment and many are not willing to pay the expensive price for it. But here’s a catch! Why spend a lot of money on them when you can actually modify one yourself?

Yes, we agree bralettes are the new fancy trend but how about a DIY- bralette? Will definitely look great on you and on your gram?. Trust me you can totally save a lot of money and it’s not always cost but it’s also a great way to modify your old basic bras.

Learning something new is always fun and productive, in fact, this can actually help you upgrade your wardrobe as well. So, if you are someone who’s obsessed with this bralette fashion and want to DIY your own bralette then get ready!

 DIY Bralette Video

Here’s are a few steps to convert your old bra into a very classy fashion bralette.

Step1: Take a Basic Bra

Firstly, you need a decent bra to modify it into a bralette. So, we recommend you to choose a bra which is both comfortable and supportive, by old bras I don’t mean the worn-out ones. We can surely help you convert your basic bra into a bralette but if it’s worn-out or expired, then that might not help you in any way. Pick a solid regular bra so you can style it accordingly cause if you choose a very fancy bra it might look odd so it’s better if you stick to basic.

Step2: Get Some Extra Decors

Now you need little decors such as lace motifs, extra straps or a sheer fabric to modify your basic bra. Choose lace motifs according to your style and shade of your bra, so it doesn’t look odd or too flashy. You can also use extra straps to make a criss-cross neckline, which gives your bralette a sexy look. Before actually sticking them, decide the placement of all motifs and embellishment to get a picture of how you want the design to look. Try out different placements like on the neckline or at the band portion.

Step3: Stick Them On Your Bra

Now, all you have to do is stick the decoratives to your bra. One best thing we would suggest you is to stick those lace motifs all over your basic bra. It isn’t gonna look too fancy yet gives you a classic chic look.

Step4: Cut-off the Extra Lace Fabric

For the final touch, make sure your bra doesn’t have any extra lace fabric going out of the line, if yes then try to cut them off on the edges which makes it comfortable and prevents chafing and itching. Make sure your bra looks elegant and modest. Adding a lot of decors might actually ruin the look of your bra.

Step5: Voila! You are Done

Now that you are done modifying your old basic bra into an incredibly sexy bralette, it’s time to style it with your outfits.

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So, converting your bra doesn’t’ make you look classy unless you know how to style it. One best thing you can do is toss a denim jacket over it, to give a savage look effortlessly. You can also pair it with your high waist jeans for a sassy look, or wear a sheer top over it for a pretty decent vibe.



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