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Cuddle-Up-Your-Nightwear Day

All the single ladies, now put your hands up! Beyonce’s anthem to put all the single ladies at ease comes in handy and keeps us single ladies united. Oh, and we know the urge to have someone by your side, just to enjoy a day like this. From one single lady to another, being all by yourself on a day like National Cuddle Up Day seems uncalled for, but hey, we have alternatives you must try. Taking control of the day and making it desirable is an option you can pursue, just by learning from our experience. 

The idea is to stay cosy, and how can you obtain that, you ask? Duh! Nightwear snuggles are the absolute bliss you cannot replace. A warm hug that surrounds you for as long as you want minus the unnecessary drama is honestly a win-win kinda situation. The marketplace has come up with inventions like weighted blankets, which is an accessible way of replacing the cuddles received by another human. Think of nightwears as a more sustainable version of a weighted blanket, also a prettier one. Saving you the time to look for snuggly attire, we have a list you can check and purchase as per your liking. 

Chic Sweatshirts for Lazy Day

The all-time favourite, sweatshirts are a comfy piece of clothing that’s gender-neutral and a chic way to dress up. Its other purpose is to keep you warm, without being too restricting. Put on a cute sweatshirt with joggers & a messy bun, you are all prepped for the day to be under your control. 

Velvet Sets that are Oh-So-Comfy

Matching sets in itself is a hoot this season, imagine them to be crafted with a luxurious and warm fabric like velvet. We know, it’s a killer combination no one should pass. The warmth provided by velvet matching sets will surely substitute human touch. Well, not complete but you get the gist, right? 

Hooded Dress to Raise Your Style Game

Wanna look extra special to spend a day by yourself? A cosy and stylish hooded dress is your go-to option in that case. Plus, it has pockets, need we say more? Short night dresses are an ideal pick for elevating your everyday chilling outfit. It’s just not restraint to be worn at home, you can run errands in a chic hooded dress and look effortlessly stylish. 

Shimmering Sets for Cuddly Sleepovers

Calling in your single girlfriends for a sleepover? Cuddle up with your best friends for a precious bonding session. Appropriate attire to shine brighter than anyone whilst serving the looks is a matching set. You can also match your besties if you want to take your friendship to another level. 

Clovia has a hand-picked collection of winter staples that’ll be more than enough for your seasonal wardrobe preparations. From affordable options that are made with quality to having trendy designs that’ll suffice your fashion buds, Clovia has a range of anything and everything you want in terms of nightwear. Explore the site, and find a perfect match for yourself. 

Cuddling requires warmth from another human or pet, just to feel secure and at peace. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a partner, it can be your mum, best friend or sibling as well. Cosy clothing adds to the feels and ensures an even more snuggly moment. Go all out and pamper yourself with comfy attire, and enjoy national cuddle up day like never before.

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