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Spring/Summer – Women’s Nightwear Trends for 2024

Spring/Summer – Women’s Nightwear Trends for 2024

On this sizzling summer night, when the moonlight is painting your room silver and you’re all snuggled up in the comfiest, coolest, & trendiest nightwear of 2024. Just imagine how cool that sounds. But here’s more, these nightwear are so cute that you would wanna throw a PJ party like Bollywood celebs have done with their squad! But in reality, aren’t we all into that 1000-year-old PJ & oversized t-shirt, dragging them night after night? Ladies, come on, nightwear has come a long way. Why are you still wearing those age-old PJs (we know you love them) but it’s time to give your nightwear a makeover. But with so many incredible options out there, finding that sweet spot between cosy & trendy nightwear can be exhausting.

To help you out, we’ve curated these 7 nightwears which are super cool and trendy, you won’t even miss your PJs. Now it’s your turn to pick the one that you think looks way cooler!

Floral print

Summer’s here, and seeing those vibrant flowers blooming everywhere totally lifts our spirits. Just think about how cool it’d be to have those vibrant florals on your nightwear too! And guess what? Nightwear with nature-inspired prints, especially delicate florals, is this summer’s latest trend. They’re not just pretty – they have a soothing effect that soothes our soul and mind and makes us feel connected to Mother Nature. ‍If you’re into floral styles, you should definitely check out Clovia’s vibrant collection of floral print nightwear. They’ve got everything from comfy cotton sets to buttery satins. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with this super comfy cotton shirt and pyjama set in a gorgeous pink floral print, totally giving me the spring feel. This is just one, Clovia has plenty more beautiful floral styles for you to explore.

floral print pink nightsuit

Graphic & Text Print

Universally, ladies are totally in love with floral prints but quirky, fun graphic and text print nightwear is what you should explore next. And why not? After all, one look at those funky graphics or text will make you laugh and cheer you up. So don’t let your downtime be boring when you can have this fun and quirky nightwear with vibrant prints to brighten up your nights. This groovy short night dress is the best out of all Clovia’s cute and quirky nightwear. Clovia has everything from cute animal prints to slogans, all designed to make you smile even when you’re Zzzs.

graphic and text print nightdress

Cami top & pyjama set

If you prefer baggy clothes, then the cami tops should be your new summer BFF. Cami tops are loose, and breezy enough for these hot summer nights. Once you put this on, you’ll forget all the other nightwear, we promise. A cami top with shorts is what you’ll need at the end of the day. And you know what? Clovia’s Cami top is super comfy and stylish. Sleep like a baby in this silky-soft satin cami top and a pyjama paired with it.

cami top and pajama set

Short nightdress for lazy mornings & nights

Who said you can’t go out in your nightdress? Whoever said, said it wrong! This super trendy short night dress with a matching robe is what you need this summer. Goes with all; be it lounging in, a brunch date with your besties or a date night. If you hate changing outfits umpteen times, then this is for you. This short night dress from Clovia is apt. from dawn to dusk. Check out here.

short nightdress

Corset Top

Kurta-pyjama just got a glowup, ladies! Now it’s called co-ord sets. Matching sets have been around for centuries, passed down from generation to generation. Get your hands on this super chic, super cute corset top. Pair it with any bottoms – pyjamas, pants, or skirts to complete the look. Seriously, it goes from AM to PM. Check out now and see your wardrobe (and your mornings) thanking you for it.

co ord sets


Kaftans are a timeless fashion trend, attired majorly in the Middle East. But what makes them so popular today? Because it’s an all-rounder – comfortable, stylish, and versatile. It can transition from casual wear to beach outings to special occasions to Zzzs, effortlessly. Ladies have been wearing long nighties for ages and kaftans are the 2.0 version of it (more Instagram-worthy!). Kaftans come in so many styles, fabrics, and prints and Clovia has a wide variety of kaftans for you to choose from. But this colourful kaftan is something you should definitely check out.

floral kaftan

Ruffles & Frills

You can’t miss this! It’s absolutely one of our favourite trends to wear this season. If you’re not really into accessories, then this is what you should go for because it gives you the accessory vibe without actually accessorizing. Check out this sheer babydoll made with soft georgette fabric. With ruffled sleeves, it adds volume and makes you look totally glammed up, and its lightweight material keeps you cool and comfy while you’re sweet-dreaming.

ruffles-and-frills nightdress

Something is trending and you miss out? That’s not what we want. Wear these stylish trending nightwear while you binge-watch your favourite series, snooze off, or grab a coffee or go out for brunch with your girlfriends or him.

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