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Bra Choices for Summertime! Your Go-To Saviors

Summer is the time of the year that calls for sheer tops, halter tops, strapless dresses, light tees, and other tops that bare quite some skin. To get the perfect summer look, you absolutely need the right bra. Coupling the right bra with your summer will have you looking effortlessly fashionable. But, and that’s a big but, a wrong bra can mean bad news for your summer look. Luckily for you, our summer lingerie collection has every bra you’ll need.

From a night-out to a simple picnic or even a day in the office, here’s how the right bra can help you nail the summer look every time.

For Sheer Tops

Finding the right bra for summer can be tricky, and even more so for sheer tops. To get the sheer look right, you need your bra to provide complete coverage but the colour of the bra has a big role too. For this look, you can’t go wrong with a bra of smooth and delicate material and a colour that is not too overwhelming. Nude coloured stick-ons might be your best bet.

Halter Tops and Dresses

Any summer wardrobe is incomplete without halter tops and dresses. These beauties make for an obvious choice for most of the sunny season. But as sexy as they make you look, you can end up not carrying the look perfectly or looking tacky if you don’t pair them with the bra. Stick on bra with convertible straps are perfect for your halter tops. While they lift up your breasts, the front closure bra brings them together making them. This also makes it your go-to summer bra this year.

Very Low Spaghetti Strap Tops/Dresses

Backless tops and dresses are a great choice to spice things up this summer. Mainly, because summer is the perfect, and probably even the only time of the year to flaunt your back! To ace that look though, you need the right summer lingerie. Stick-on bras sans the straps are great because while they do nothing to lift up your breasts, they do create a cleavage and provide your breasts the much needed coverage.

Strapless And Mesh Tops

For Strapless and Mesh tops and dresses, the best type of bra is the strapless bra. But, these bras do tend to get uncomfortable, especially if your size is over C-cup. If so, a body suit or a bustier can be alternatives worth trying considering the better grip they offer.


For these types of clothes you will need bra converters, as these will not only give an illusion of a cleavage but also give your breasts a nice lift. These also work well with white t-shirts which are a summertime wardrobe staple.

Summer trends tend to be the most funky and exciting of the year. Finding the right bra to pair with your outfit is super important. The right underwear for summer will let you pull off any look you’ve been longing for. But make no mistake, these bras are good investment as they do work in winter as well.

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