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Awesome Summertime Lingerie Styles Every Fashion Diva Must Know

The Indian summer has gained some notoriety for being sweaty and uncomfortable. But since when has the weather stopped women from being fashionable? However, summer’s also a time for light coloured dresses, lace tops, flowery skirts – a lot of which isn’t very lingerie friendly. It’s the season when you need to have a keen eye on what you can wear underneath and what you need to avoid. So if you want to go with your favourite summertime styles, you might want to check out these awesome lingerie ideas for this season.

Multi-way bras – Perfect for a summer vacation when you want to travel light, a couple of multi-way bras in your bag can open up many style options for you. As the straps in these bras are removable and interchangeable, you can mix and match your way through strapless dresses, halter-tops, tanks and even some time on the beach. Just remember to alternate the bras every day so as allow the fabric a day’s rest to keep the elastic perfect.

Push-Up Underwired Low Back Bra

Cute lacy PJs – Whether you’re out on a vacation and sharing your hotel room with friends or having a quite summer night at home, a combo of comfort and sex appeal is always welcome. So when it’s time to hit the bed, do so in a cute pair of lacy PJs instead of saggy sweatpants and faded t-shirts. Not only will your night be more comfortable, it might end up being more adventurous as well.


Go seamless – When you’re trying to rock a flowing summer sundress, the last thing you would want is what we call visible panty lines. You need to go with briefs that are either high rise, so that there’s no bulge where the panty meets the skin, or one where the edges are made out of laser cut fabric. These seamless underwear made of special fabric not only minimize panty lines but also help in moisture wicking.


Stick-on bras – Yes, we know a silicon stick-on bra is sticky but you cannot deny it is lifesaver when it comes to summertime fashion. You can wear it under anything that is fashionably possible. Backless, strapless tops or even cocktail dresses for a formal evening – a strapless stick-on bra can handle anything you throw at it.


Summer is the season when fashion throws a curveball at you but if you have equipped yourself with the necessary tools to go with the best lingerie options for your dressing choices, it’s not a big deal at all.


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