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Anmol Rodriguez believes in ‘Happy is my Superpower’

The story starts with a two-month-old girl child who fell victim to an acid attack by her father while she was getting breast-fed. She had to undergo treatment for the next 5 years where she continuously fought for her life. During the process, the brave-heart girl did lose one eye but gained strength & determination like no one else.

Moving forward, she spent her early childhood in the orphanage where she lived with other kids and never felt any different until 16 when she had to move out of the orphanage and step into the real world & face cruel judgments.

As a kid, she always wanted to become a fashion icon and be a big name in the world of modelling and acting. However, owing to the delusional beauty standards, she was always made to believe that she was different and could never fit in.

Despite getting rejected by several companies, Anmol never gave up on her hopes and dreams. She spent her time on social media and start posting her fashionable & happy pictures. That’s when we at Clovia spotted her and were in complete awe of her personality. It is amazing to see how she embraces life and chooses joy.

Clovia found a true ambassador of their favourite motto ‘Happy is my Superpower’. Anmol was the true reflection of happiness being her superpower and how!

We, at Clovia, have always encouraged women to break free of taboos and embrace who they truly are. We believe that in the end it’s not just about selling lingerie, but what matters to us is to identify & appreciate women of substance.

That’s exactly what we did by launching a range of quote print nightwear inspired by Anmol’s personality. The response was so overwhelming that our products sold out sooner than usual. Our social media was flooded by customers appreciating the efforts of acknowledging substance over beauty.

Thanks for being such an inspiration, Anmol.
You go girl!

Rachika Singh

Rachika Singh

Content Manager at Clovia
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