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A Guide To Buying Your Perfect Bra Online

Guide to buy perfect bra

Trying on a bra under the department store fitting room’s harsh fluorescent lights, one is forced to stare down the more noticeable imperfections of their bodies. You might also have to settle on something neutral and serviceable, only because you feel you had to because you had a witness whose commission depended on this sale. You might feel slightly cheated that you paid retail for something you didn’t love; besides, lingerie shopping should always be fun. But only because you usually find something beautiful, serendipitously on sale, you buy it even when you’re not looking for it.

As with any garment shopping, the first thing you need to do is figure out your size – which you can now do with a tape measure and a variety of online bra calculators from the comfort of your desk. There’s even an app that lets an individual take a picture, and it will figure out their size for them. 

It’s about fashion, fit, and find. You need to know your size (in general, and that you might wear more than one in a different brand or bra style), but also what you choose to wear. Are you sporty? Fashion-forward? You’re seeking to build a bra wardrobe, not just searching for one bra that fits under every outfit. Wearing the right bra not only helps you look better and your clothes fit better, but it can have a positive physiological effect.

There is something definitely to be said for being up close and personal with a product. What one might not realise from the picture of the replacement bra – and it’s bad for not reading the description more carefully – was that it was studded with tiny rhinestones, perhaps something more appropriate for a Reno showgirl. No matter, it fits so well and is so comfortable that one can keep it. One might not realise that once you sign up and create the account, you agree to make purchases unless you actively choose to mark on the website that you’re skipping that month. This doesn’t take long, but it does bring me back to those Columbia House cassette tape club days, in which you’d get sucked in with 12 accessible selections and then be on the hook forever for purchases every month.


There are multiple functions and price points of the options available. You’ll have a much easier time finding your selections online than in any shop.

Clovia: An actual bra shop for the digital age. It is the fastest growing lingerie brand in India. Part of a global fund with operations across many continents. The team at Clovia is inspired and motivated to bring to its customer’s beautiful lingerie that looks sexy and always feels comfortable. Highlighting curves one never knew you had, in fabrics and cuts one never knew could so comfortably flatter themselves, Clovia is committed to providing the high-fashion and premium lingerie that everyone deserves. They even give their customers the leisure of browsing through their collections online, in the solitude of their home and having their favourite picks delivered right to their doorstep. 

We offer more choices and deals online than in-store. The older you get is more likely that you can afford a more expensive bra. Younger women usually have an easier time finding cheap bras due to their skin elasticity, their muscle tone.

We have a vast selection of lingerie at different price points. You can easily shop as per your choice according to different styles, occasions, coverage being offered, padding, etc. The comprehensive filtering options help you zero in on precisely the kind of bra you’re seeking for. We also cater to small-busted women; those with smaller backs and more giant cups can easily shop from here as well.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options out there, but the expanded choice is good news. With more information comes more decision making. But on the contrary, with more sizes and styles available, given the fact that every woman’s breasts are unique and most of us don’t even have two boobs that match on our chest, it makes absolute sense to be able to find exactly what; fits you.

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