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8 Ways to Identify Bad Fitting Bras

From misbehaving straps to painful underwire bra to inadequate cups, a bad fitting bra can make your day an agony. Most women often do not recognize these symptoms and go on living a difficult and uncomfortable life. Find them. Fix them. Breathe easy.

1. Riding back bands

Riding back bands

Problem: The band at back creeps upwards while the breasts in front droop down creating a see saw effect. Oh, such an ugly affair! Fix this now. Solution: The band must go round perfectly leveled from front to back. Try reducing the band size but increase the cup size. Problem: The band at back creeps upwards while being so tight that it may even leave marks. Solution: Increase the band size immediately. Remember to go down the cup size if your previous cup size was fine.

2. Spilling breasts or Quad boobs

Spilling breasts or Quad boobs

Problem:  Breasts spill out of the cups from top of the bra or from underarms creating an illusion two sets of breasts. No, thank you! We are fine with just one set, please. Solution: The cups are simply too small. Most of us think size cup size C is the biggest one could go to. That’s not true, there are cup sizes till J. Go up the cup sizes till you find the right fit. Adjust the band size as well.

3. Digging straps

Digging straps

Problem: Painful straps can even make you change your posture. Don’t go stooping all your life when an easy solution is at hand. Solution : Try adjusting the straps once. If that is not the problem, then you need to reduce your band size.  Close to 80% of support to your bust is provided by the band and not the straps. If it’s loose, your shoulders will bear the extra burden. You can also consider wide set straps and cushioned strap linings to relieve stress on shoulders.

4. Slipping straps

Slipping straps

Problem : In a recent survey conducted, over 30% men pinned a girl pulling her bra straps from under the shirt neckline as the biggest turn off . Do your straps also spend more time slipping down the arms than resting comfortably on your shoulders? Solution: Assuming that you have tried to adjust the length of the straps which didn’t help, most likely your bra is worn out. Yes, even good quality elastics get worn out over time. If this is not the case, then you may have narrow sloping shoulders. Try getting a halter neck bra or a multiway bra or buy a bra clip that can convert your regular bra into a raceback. Check our bra range for more.

5. Puckering cups or with gaps

Puckering cups or with gaps

Problem : Puckering cups = yuck! This means that the cup is too big or not the right shape for your breasts. There is a gap left in the cup resulting in dimpling of fabric. This often shows in fitted tees, blouses. Get rid of it now! Solution : Go down a cup size. Make sure the band has a snug fit. You may also be wearing the wrong cup shape. Try using our bra size calculator to determine the right shape for you.

6. Bulging back fat

Bulging back fat

Problem:  The band is so tight that the flesh is spilling over creating unsightly back bulges Solution: Try increasing the band size but reduce the cup size. If that does not help, get a bra with broad back bands that will hold the back fat eliminating bulges. Check our range here.

7. Lifting of wires or center gore

Lifting of wires or center gore

Problem:  The underwires or the center gore are lifting away from the body. The underwire is meant to sit snugly just under the breasts. The center gore should sit comfortably against the body and not float away from it Solution: The cup size is too small. Try changing the size. You may also be using a bra not right for your body shape. Try our Fit Test to get bras ideal for your body shape.

8. The Headlight Effect

The Headlight Effect

Problem:  Hi, is the weather chilly today? You don’t need to answer, your body is answering for yourself. This is the most embarrassing effect of cold weather. Solution: You could buy bras with light padding to avoid this undesired show. Alternatively, you could get bras with opt-in concealing petals. In crisis situation where above alternates are not handy, just pat some cotton into a lightweight leveled pad and use it.


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