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6 Best Shapewears for Plus-Size Women to Accentuate Their Curves

Anubhuti Gupta April 12, 2019 4 min read


For most plus size women, it is a challenging task to find the perfect piece of shapewear that is comfortable and also accentuates the natural curves. If you are a curvy woman, you want a shapewear that elimintates unwanted skin and makes your body look firm and tight. Having the right body shape gives you the confidence to strut your stuff and achieve a flawless look. Also, it makes playing dress up  a fun activity.

So, bid adieu to your extremely tight and uncomfortable spandex and take a look below at the 7 best shapewears for plus size women.


Saree Shapewear


(Saree Shapewear









For Indian divas, wearing saree is a fashion statement. You don’t have to curb your style just because of those curves. You should be able to wear any saree in whichever style you please. You can be assured of this by wearing a saree shapewear under your saree. You can either wear it directly under your saree or under your saree petticoat. Designed with compression, it not only helps to  smoothen out, but also flatter your abdomen, back, and thighs, making you look slimmer and amazing. Also, it comes with a side slit that allows free and easy movement.


4-in-1 Shaper – Tummy, Back, Thighs, Hips


(4-in-1 Shaper









Say goodbye to uncomfortable stitches, seams and chafing with this incredibly comfortable 4-in-1 shapewear for women. It is designed as a high-waist long shorts that helps to contour the midsection and thighs, along with the hips and back. The longer length is appreciated by wearers as it prevents mid-thigh indentation and provides fuller coverage. It fits so beautifully that it will hardly come to notice that you are wearing a shapewear. Also, it is invisible under any outfit, and therefore, you can unleash the fashionista in you. Purchase this comfy shapewear for women and make it a part of your wardrobe must-haves.


Tummy Tucker in Beige


Tummy Tucker in Beige









This tummy tucker can be worn under daily outfits. The ultra-stretch fibre helps to shape the midriff and also the ruching of the back and makes the rear end look tight. It provides complete support from every angle and the silicon keeps the shapewear from falling off. It also ensures that the body looks smooth throughout the length of the torso. So, add this tummy tucker in beige to your wardrobe to be able to wear any outfit with total confidence. It won’t roll down!


Tummy Tucking High Waist Brief


Tummy Tucking High Waist Brief









For those women whose main problem area is the abdomen, this is one of the best body shapers in the market. It helps to flatten out the love handles and tummy for a smooth, flawless look. You can wear this under your dress, work clothes or even denims. By smoothening out the extra skin, this shapewear is simply going to highlight your curves. -You can get the tummy tucking high waste brief in nude or black.


Laser-Cut No-Panty Lines High Compression Body Suit


Laser-Cut No-Panty Lines High Compression Body Suit









Give your gorgeous legs a lift by wearing these smoothing and comfortable thigh shapers that will augment the final look of any outfit. The toning waistband is also going to define your stomach and make it look flat. An hourglass figure with full hips and round bottoms is what you can achieve with this high compression body suit. The long shorts keep your thighs from chaffing and you can actually wear them an entire day without any discomfort. Pull your look together in whatever you wear with the help of this laser-cut no-panty lines high compression body suit.


Tummy Tucker with Silicon Grips

Tummy Tucker with Silicon Grips









This body shaper for women is truly amazing as it helps to highlight the hips, back, and define the stomach. You can flaunt your curves without worrying about the excess skin that you have underneath the shapewear. Moreover, this tummy tucker comes with silicon grips, which means that no matter how much you move, sit or dance, the shapewear is going to remain in place and slip down. So, forget a bulging stomach underneath your body-hugging dress or top by purchasing this tummy tucker with silicon grips.

So, what are you waiting for ladies? Flaunt your curves with these amazing shapewears.

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