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5 Ways Of Wearing Outfits With Transparent Bra Like A Pro

How many clothes have you not shopped because you didn’t know what bra to wear underneath it? I am sure there are still a lot of tops and dresses lying ideal in your wardrobe waiting for a chance. A bra should never limit your freedom of style and fashion. All you need is a bra with transparent shoulder & back straps that goes invisible under your sexy outfits.

1. Backless Dress


Backless Dress



Hey glam doll, we are sure you wouldn’t want a tacky bra strap ruining your red carpet look. A bra with a transparent back strap will save you from the fashion police.


2. Spaghetti Top


Spaghetti Top



Who wants ugly bra straps to peep underneath your dainty noodle straps? A bra with transparent shoulder straps will help you slay that girl next door look.


3. Deep Back Blouse



Deep Back Blouse


We all admire our bollywood beauties and secretly aim to achieve that flawless look. Should a tacky bra strap hinder your fashion goals? Of course not, the solution is a bra with clear shoulder straps and back straps. Such straps go invisible and all the attention shifts to your sexy back.


4. Sheer or Lace Backs

Lace Back Dress



A fashionista like you just can’t miss out on the latest trend of oh-so-pretty laces and oh-so-sexy sheer fabrics. But a visible bra can totally spoil its elegance, a clear strap bra is the go-to pick to ace the look like a pro!


5. Tricky Tops
Cowl BackTricky BackOpen BackHeart Back









Bring sexy back with styling all those tricky outfits with a transparent strap bra. This is a total win-win situation where you get to flaunt your fashion style and at the same time you enjoy the much needed support of a bra.


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