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Wearing Saree Shapewear with Modern Outfits

Well, we are in the age of unconventional outfits. From shirts with sarees to bralettes with a lehenga, we’ve seen it all and why not? Experimenting is great for fashion and using one garment in multiple ways is a huge time & money saver. Clovia saree shapewear is one such garment you can try well with modern outfits and you can find amazing shades to match your modern outfits. To give you a headstart, we have some really good options for you, let’s hop into it.

Bodycon dress

Bodycon dressA bodycon dress like the name suggests hugs your body well and takes the shape of curves. At times you may feel the dress is not looking as good as you expected it to be.  Maybe it’s not flaunting the best of your curves or may it’s not hugging you in all the right places. 

No, you don’t need to change your sexy bodycon dress, what you need is a  saree shapewear. It works wonders here by providing you with a good shape down the hips that help you look curvy. Pick a colour closest to your dress shade or go for a nude shade for a more natural look without a bright colour popping out from underneath the dress. Wearing a saree shapewear under a bodycon dress not only makes you look curvaceous but it also concealed unsightly bulges that might show otherwise.

Fitted skirt

Fitted SkirtFitted skirts with turtle neck tops look oh-so-chic. Rocking a cool printed fitted skirt can surely make heads turn simply because of how classy it looks. But if you have a slight tummy that restricts you from trying on fitted skirts then stop no more. A saree-shapewear can help you smoothen that little bump on the tummy and give you a toned look. It’s targetted compression on the back helps in lifting the hips and giving you an improved figure.

Evening dress

Evening DressA good evening dress for a formal dinner or a dinner party can elevate your style to the next level. If you’re a naturally curvy woman with hips and bust of the same size and comparatively slimmer waist then this shapewear is here to enhance your figure all the more. All you need to do is smoothen out those tiny little bulges here and there and you’re ready to flaunt a seamless and toned silhouette. Clovia saree shapewear helps tone your waist, hips, back and thighs perfectly well and makes you look like a million bucks in an evening dress. A black saree shapewear would be a versatile pick for your fashionable wardrobe.  Ideal to be pair with all dark coloured outfits. 

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Fish cut gowns

Fish CutThe fish cut gowns are for times that call for a celebration. They are usually flowy and put your hips on the showcase. Fitted along the hips and flowy along the legs it draws attention to your waist, back & hips. Now that’s exactly the area a saree shapewear works on. You can get the perfect hourglass figure by simply slipping into one. The shapewear also features a side slit which makes it easier for you to walk while achieving that mermaid-like shape. 

The knitted saree shapewear gives you a toned silhouette and enhances your curves. They are available from sizes ‘S’ to ‘ XXL’ so it fits every body shape and type. There are 15+ color options for you to choose from so you don’t have a monotonous style. The comfort is taken care of with a seamless band and drawstring which can hold up anything from a light chiffon saree to a Kanjeevaram. The side slit helps you step in style and comfort with difficulties with the shapewear contouring you hips timmy and thighs giving you the perfect look.

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