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5 Galentine’s Idea for all the Single Ladies

5 Galentine's Idea for all the Single Ladies

The sight of roses everywhere, romantic messages inundating chat boxes and love songs blaring on the radio all day long; sounds familiar? Of yes, you know what day it is. It is Valentines’ Day, a day when the only people working overtime, other than the love God Cupid, of course, are the phoolwalas; churning out one bouquet after another.  Shout out to all the single women who spend this day wondering how their single status fits into this entire hullabaloo. News flash ladies: Valentine’s Day is passé, for the new decade brings to you…wait for it…Galantine’s Day (drum roll in the background). It is the day when the fun-loving, sassy and sexy gal in you professes her love to self. Don’t you remember Kareena mouthing her iconic one-liner ‘Main apni favorite hoon’?

This Galantine’s day, go on dates, buy gifts and have a ball because this year you are going to do all this with the first love of your life which is you, sis. Let’s tell you how you can paint the town red this Galantines day.


    • Go bonkers on online shopping app


The world is at the tip of your fingers, literally. Buy that LBD you have been eyeing for a while or that sexy lingerie that has had you drooling all over it. Get a special dress for the day too with matching accessories. You need to be dressed for the day as the girl who loves herself and doesn’t shy away from showing her love to her beautiful body. Its time you availed all those discount notifications flashing on your phone, almost begging you to take them.


  • Mexican, Italian or desi IndianMexican, Italian or desi Indian

Treat yourself to a sumptuous lunch or dinner at the eating joint that has caught your fancy off late. You can burn the calories the next day at the gym or as you go for a run. That reminds us if you haven’t got yourself a membership to a fitness class, today is the time to gift one to yourself. And while you are at it you might as well shop for some snazzy gym and athleisure clothes too.


  • Date with your Galantine gangParty Girls

Plan a day out with your girl gang and book tickets for a movie but not the soppy romantic ones. Our vote goes for action flicks or suspense thrillers but if lounging at home is in your mind then browse through Netflix for the likes of Kill Bill, Fast and Furious or binge-watch the entire season of Sherlock. A spooky one to make you scream your lungs out like IT while you have a pajama party with your besties sounds fun too!


  • Plan this Galantine’s day with your gfGirl Reading Book

We are talking about the gf looking right back at you from the mirror. The play you have wanted to go to, that art exhibition whose flyer has been on the table for the longest of times; its time you pamper yourself with things you like to do. Book an appointment at the salon and gift yourself the new hair color and the mani-pedi that has been long overdue.


  • Spend time with your pet Date with your Galantine gang

That little furry ball of cuteness snuggling up with you in your bed is the one who gets your first kiss not just today but every day. If not your first love, your dog is your second love and treating him at a dog café is just the kind of thing to do on Galantine’s Day.

Once you have ticked off all or some of the things on this list you would realize that being single was never so much fun as on this Galantine’s Day. Move away Valentine’s day for you have now been replaced by Galantine’s Day; the day when the gal shows her love for self!


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