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5 Essential Travel Lingerie Every Woman Needs

5 Essential Travel Lingerie for Women

Let me confess, every time I travel I own the biggest suitcase ever. Even if I’m going on a 2 days trip, I will carry a lot of stuff along. I guess I have this irrational fear of needing something that I might not have at that moment. To be honest, more than clothes or accessories I carry extra lingerie. But as a matter of fact, I have never fallen short of them. In fact I’ve always brought back the extra ones unused. Do you feel the same way? Well, if you do, let me share 5 such essential lingerie that you need to have. If you have these 5, you can ditch the extras. Let’s get started!

1. Basic T-shirt Bras

While travelling I like to wear more of tees and tops and the perfect style of bra of them is a T-shirt bra. These bras are padded and so you don’t have to fear about embarrassing nipple peeks. Be with a sheer top or thin cotton shirt, a padded bra is the perfect pick. While packing, always carry 2 basic shades – a black and a nude; they go with almost everything and anything.

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2. Multiway Convertible Bras

Talking about a trip to an exotic location calls for a lot of sexy outfits like halters tops, one shoulder dresses, strapless and what not! Carrying different bras for each of them is not the best way, instead pick a multiway bra that can be converted into different styles to match your outfit.

3. Period Panties

Period Panty

Honestly speaking, every time I plan a trip Aunt Flo decides to accompany me. So now I’ve learnt to be prepared, ALWAYS!  Whether it’s that time of the month or not I always carry Clovia’s period panties. The best part is that these panties are not only for your period days, they work great for everyday wear too. Featuring double layered coating it keeps leakage and stains away. This works as good for everyday wear and it soaks in sweat and moisture.

4. Pj Set

Be it a road trip, train or a flight, I always travels in Pj’s. Come’ on that’s the latest airport #ootd too! Nothing is as comfy and pyjamas and at Clovia you can find such cute & trendy options that would just give your travel outfits a whole new style statement.

5. Shorts


After a long hectic day of travelling, sightseeing and much more you would want to slip into something comfy and cosy. A pair of shorts with a cute matching top would be a must-have for the nights.

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