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5 Easy Tips for Taking Care of Your Lingerie

5 Easy Tips for Taking Care of Your Lingerie

Splurging on delicate and pretty lingerie is easy, but taking care of it is the difficult part. Most women make the mistake of treating lingerie just like any other article of clothing. But so much more goes into lingerie care. And if done right, it can keep your lingerie looking like new for a long time.

Always Hand Wash

Hand washing your lingerie with gentle detergent and cool water keeps it looking as good as new. Ideally you should be washing all your lingerie by hand but if that’s just not possible, then at least wash your special bras and panties by hand.

Washing by hands


Machine Wash with Care

When machine washing your lingerie, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Always use the gentle wash setting along with cold water. Never use hot water as it will lead to your lingerie losing its elasticity. Also remember to clasp your bra’s hooks before putting them in the machine so that it doesn’t get tangled with the other clothes or twist and deform the underwire.

Machine Wash


Don’t Mix Colors

Even though you might be tempted to wash all your lingerie at one go – don’t. The synthetic material of undergarments has a high tendency of absorbing dyes from other clothes. So it’s important to wash similar colors together otherwise you might end up with a bunch of discolored bras and panties.

Similar Color Bras


Hang to Dry

After (hand or machine) washing your bras, always hang them on a line to dry. Never put them in a dryer. The extreme heat and the high speed might deform the bra. If the bra cup does get dented in the machine, then gently smoothen it out with your fingers before hanging it out to dry.

Hang to Dry


Shelf Not Hangers

Always store your delicates on a shelf or drawer rather than hanging them on hangers. Hanging them up to dry is fine but when they are left hanging for a long time in your closet then they tend to lose their elasticity because of their own weight.

Shelf Not Hangers


As you can see, taking care of your lingerie is not hard at all. All it takes is a little care and some simple steps.


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