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4 Ways to Style A Swimwear

Finally, I found the one swimwear that fits me like a dream and flatters my body perfectly well. I’m talking about that cute little swimwear I shopped last summer. Oh boy! It was definitely a head-turner. Yes, it did spend quite some money. But what pinches me most is that I spent so much on something that I could wear only once a year! Nah I won’t let that happen, will you?

If you feel the same way, I’ve got some amazing ideas to style the one swimwear in 4 different ways.

1. Brunch Look

You can style your swimwear top with an A-line skirt and a pair of heels for a casual look to a Sunday brunch with friends. If your swimwear top feels too revealing for a casual get-together, just throw on a shrug and you’re good to go!


2. Athleisure Look

If it’s your favourite swimwear I bet it’s damn comfortable and that’s exactly how an athleisure look is supposed to be. Comfy, easy-going and cool-looking! Style your swimwear top with a pair of cargo trousers or track pants and denim jacket to add that street-style vibe.


3. Pool Party Look

A pool party doesn’t really require you to take a dip in the pool but well you can always dress for the occasion. Match a cool swimwear top with a contrasting flowy skirt and comfy slip-ons for an easy-breezy summer look.  Add a bandana, some dainty jewellery and a tote bag for the beachy look.


4. Formal Look

Now, who would have thought of wearing swimwear to work? Right! But here’s how you can look effortlessly chic as you style a swim top with a high-waisted pair of trousers and a blazer to match. Getting those #girlboss vibes yet?

Rachika Singh

Rachika Singh

Senior Brand Manager at Clovia
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