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Your Go-To Guide for What to Wear Under White Clothing

Your Go to Guide for What to Wear Under White Clothing

Think back to your first bra. Was it white? Most likely! White is the classic underwear colour.  For years, women have been wearing a white bra and panty sets. But this #underfashion cliché is highly debatable against the fashion police statement nude is the new neutral’. Though it may not always be necessary to wear a nude coloured bra, it’s especially important when wearing white clothing. If you’re a sucker for white clothing and leave no chance of wearing one. This one’s for you!

Goodbye Whites!

The real dilemma while putting together your white ensemble is, if not white, then what? I get it! Finishing up your white outfit inside out with a white bra is the most general approach.  You may be sitting there, thinking “but I’ve always worn white under white! So did my Mom, my Grandma…” And you’re not alone. The most common thought behind picking a white bra for a white outfit is, “I don’t want my bra to show.” Buzz! Wrong answer, ladies! Believe it or not, white actually clashes with your skin tone and shows through white. If this is the look you’re going for, great! But in most cases, the goal is originally to hide the bra. Wearing a colour that is as close to your skin tone as possible will be far more invisible than white.

Nude all the Way!

So now you know, nude under white. But what if the nude you bought, isn’t the same as your skin tone? Remember, the key here is ‘as close to your skin tone as possible’.

The same rule applies to white pants.  Have you ever walked down the street and caught a glimpse of someone’s panties through her pants? Not cute! White pants can be very chic, but white panties showing through are fashions don’t. Be sure to browse through the multitude of nude coloured panties at Clovia to find one that’s right for your skin tone. Cause no matter how pulled together your outfit is, the one moment when your panty peeks through can diminish your sense of command.  And don’t VPLs know just how to kill an outfit? So, as an added precaution, stock up on some totally seamless panties in nude, as well.

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