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Women’s Gym Clothes: Our Favorite Ladies Workout Kit for Every Budget in 2021

Women’s Gym Clothes: Our Favorite Ladies Workout Kit for Every Budget in 2021

Whether you’re a runner, a weightlifter, boxer, or yogi, you know that owning the right gear makes all the difference. You deserve to feel like a superstar during your workout and not fidgeting, adjusting, and finding it difficult to get in the form. You need the perfect activewear to run errands comfortably, lift heavy weights, jump, and curl up on the couch for the night.

There’s a reason why activewear specifically needs to be in your workout kit. You cannot just wear your regular tees, cotton bras, or pj’s to the gym. The clothes you wear to the gym should be very comfortable, flexible, sustainable, breathable, and yes- stylish!

Luckily, you’ve got so much to choose from when it comes to activewear, shorts, track pants, and sports bras these days. There are tons of different activewear designs churning out fun and functional gym clothes for women right now. So many that you might have trouble deciding what to purchase your next pair of tights. To zone down your preference, here is some different activewear that our favorite ladies would like to include in their workout kit for every budget in 2021.

1. Clovia Medium-Impact Padded Sports Bra with Racerback

Clovia Medium-Impact Padded Sports Bra with RacerbackTrain without limits with Clovia’s Medium Impact Padded Sports Bra with a racerback sports bra. This bra is perfectly designed with wicking polyamide fabric that keeps you cool by drawing away moisture from the body. This bra has breathable cups that give a fresh feel throughout your workout. With so many excellent features, this bra is pocket-friendly as well. So hurry and get your hands on it.

2. Clovia Cotton Gym/Sports Activewear Track Pants

Clovia Cotton Gym/Sports Activewear Track PantsGoing to the gym? Well! Possessing track pants is a must. And when you get track pants so comfortable, why wait to buy them? These Cotton Gym/Sports Activewear Track Pants are crafted in cotton and spandex for supreme comfort and stretch. They have an inner elasticated waistband with pockets on either side to keep your essentials safe. So, run, jog, lift or jump, and be carefree.

3. Clovia Activewear Shorts in Grey

Clovia Activewear Shorts in GreyWhen in doubt, wear shorts! These grey shorts have excellent elasticity and are resistant to sweat. They provide you with great flexibility so much that you can lift all sorts of weight in the gym without any worries. These shorts are crafted with soft moisture-wicking polyamide fabric with lime green panels along the shorts’ length. Comfortable and mobile, these shorts are indeed a go-to!

4. Clovia Sports T-shirt Dress in Black

Clovia Sports T-shirt Dress in BlackEvery woman deserves to look like a style icon while working out. This sporty t-shirt dress solves this purpose. This dress is designed with light grey panels on the side and crafted with smooth polyester fabric that dries away the sweat quickly. The round neckline and short sleeves maximize your flexibility, mobility & performance. Now, workout in style.

5. Clovia Activewear Jacket -Black

Clovia Activewear Jacket -BlackClovia’s black activewear jacket wraps you in the gently supportive feel of irresistibility. This soft piece of fabric has a high collared neck to keep your confidence up during the workout, and the full sleeves maximize your flexibility, mobility & performance. This jacket is breathable, keeps the air flowing when your practice heats up, provides ease of movement, and avoids wear or tear.

So, here was the list of some of the activewear pieces that you would want to include in your workout routine. Women’s activewear could never be more exciting, especially when you get sustainability, size-inclusivity, and budget-friendly designs; why won’t one buy them?



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