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Magazine » Lingerie 101 » Bras » Va-Va-Voom! Buddying Up With Push-Up Bras

Va-Va-Voom! Buddying Up With Push-Up Bras

Editorial Desk May 29, 2018 5 min read


Talk of push-up bras & the first thought that would cross your mind would be glittery ideas of red carpet divas and those curvaceous hourglass figures.A push-up bra can really transform any woman’s bust appearance if they know their bra type and best fit. It can make you look from drab to fab!

What is a ‘Push up Bra’?

Push-up bras are bras that have cups with inbuilt enhancers made from materials like foam. It brings the breasts tissue closer there by enhancing the cleavage. They apply thrust along base & sides of breasts by gently raising them up, thus offering a fuller and more sumptuous look.

A lot of thoughtful engineering goes into making of push-up bras. Breast ‘enhancers’ are intelligently positioned at the base area of each cup. A ‘removable’ push-up bra allows immense flexibility for controlling breast volume levels. It mimics your mood & adapts to your needs.

It empowers you to take total control over itself & lets you decide your look for the occasion. Whether you prefer flaunting a cleavage or wish to go without the same.

Push-up bras feature plethora of styles & cup-types. Variety of materials is used for making them. Every woman must have a decent stock of push-up bras. The push-ups can get easily blended with varied bra styles irrespective of cup size, or shape!

What are Push up Bra levels?

The amount of padding in cups decides the levels for push-up bras. There are 3 broad categories or levels for push-ups:

What is Push-up Level 1?

These are the daily-wear ones. There is light padding at cup-bottoms that gradually blend with the rest of the cup. Level 1 bras are suitable for women of all bust sizes. They render a natural cleavage and enhancement.

What is Push-up Level 2?

Women opt for level 2 push-ups in order to add some oomph & also some amount of sumptuousness to upper torso. These come with thick padding over one-third area of each cup. Insertable cookies can facilitate better & well-spaced cleavage. Avoid this style for office wear if you want to avoid bunch of devouring eyes.

What is Push-up Level 3?

This category comprises some of the boldest extant bras with almost half portion of each cup being heavily padded. Most of the breast tissues are pushed upwards. You can literally go up to twice your actual cup size with these bras! Some bras may offer space for insertable cookies for achieving an extra boost. Wear them with your special wear like a cocktail dresses, evening gowns or party dresses. For small-busted women these bras are like manna from heaven.

Is There A Push-up Bra for Every Size?

Primary aim of a push-up bra is breast enhancement via manipulation of breast tissues for an intended volume. It is common misconception that Push-up bras are meant only for small-breasted women. In practice push-ups also benefit women with amply large breasts. These bras enable superior support than any underwire bra in the market. The trick is simple – stick to your size and avail a bra with minimal padding!

When Do I Need to Wear Push-Ups?

Plunge tops or deep V-neck tops are great for pairing with push-up styles. But these bras can also go well with full coverage high neck tops. In fact push-ups can go with any style of top/shirts. Wear them with traditional attires like Cholis & Sari blouses for that jaw dropping cleavage! For women on the smaller size spectrum, push-ups work wonders when worn under tight fitting suits, Kurtis or Anarkalis.

What are the Different Shapes of Push-Up Bras?

Push up is a category of the cups used in bras. So push-ups can be available in any types of styles. One can select from daily wear to sexy lacy push up bras in different cuts. There are strapless, one-strap, and multipurpose bras that can be worn under your daily or party wear dresses.

Full coverage or Demi-cup bras works best for everyday casual or office wear. Demi cups also go well with low-cut blouses. Wear full coverage bras under work shirts, Indian wear or even T-shirts.

For tanks tops or deep neck lines, go for a plunge push-up bra.

What to note when opting for a Push-up Bra?

Pro Tip: Select a molded style with smooth finish to complement figure-hugging attires. These go undetected under any outerwear. The sexy lacy styles are usually reserved exclusively for special occasions.

Push-up bras must find a place in every wardrobe, it is highly recommended for all women that they give chance to the push-up style. Add pure awesomeness to your form and watch your entire persona undergo a dramatic change with these bras . For best results first measure yourself around and select the styles according to your size and requirement.

Pro tip for sizing: While looking for a great push-up bra, it is advisable to go one cup size up as the enhancers in cups tend to occupy a good amount of the cup-volume. So your bust would need room to properly fit in the cups without any spills.

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