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Unraveling the Mystery Behind Finding the Right Bra Size

The most difficult thing for many women in this world is deciding the right size of their bra. Many women wear the wrong size of bra which not only looks unsightly but can be very harmful to their breasts and health. Most women don’t focus much on this fact but it is actually a factor to consider.

All women who deal with saggy breasts or shoulder pains are a victim of the wrong bra size. Are you the one too? If yes, then it’s high time for you to get the right size and save yourself from all those problems. Want to know how to get the right size? Keep Reading!

Right Bra


Band Size

Band size is an important thing to take care of. Most of the women commit the mistake of using a large band size but that is actually a big mistake leading to losing fit. Simply take a measuring tape and measure from the flat surface under your breasts to the back and then simply add 4 inches to it if it’s an even no. and add 5 if it’s odd. That will be your band size.

For eg., if the underbust measurement it 28″, then Band Size will be 28+4 = 32″

if the underbust measurement is 29, then Band size will be 29+5 = 34″

Cup Size

To decide the cup size, you got to measure your breasts from the top of it. Know what the measure is and deduct the band size from it. The difference between both the sizes will be your decision of the cup size. Look at the below image and know your cup size.

Now, the band size is going to be the size of your bra and the cup size is what the women get confused on. Yes, ladies, A B C D are not just fancy numbers for your bra.

Bra Size Chart



If, you are still confused on finding your current bra size, go through the Bra size calculator on Clovia. Simply answer some basic questions on the website and know what your perfect size is.

Bra Fit Test




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