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Top 3 Body Butters for Getting a Flawless Buttery Soft Skin

Top 3 Body Butters for Getting a Flawless Buttery Soft Skin

When it comes to getting soft, supple and flawless skin, we tend to try every suggestion which comes our way. Be it a weird hack or using exotic skincare products, we do everything to achieve soft skin, and body butter is one of them. 


It’s also treated as an exotic skincare product to some extent, because of its amazing results. However, many people get confused between body butter and body lotion. They don’t even know “what body butter is”.


A few more very basic questions about body butter and its usage, often asked by many people such as: “Why do they need body butter?” “Which body butter is great for their skin?”, “When should they apply body butter?”, “Are body butter and lotion the same?” etc. I will try to answer each one of them, also I will introduce you to the top 3 natural body butter that your skin needs.


What is Body Butter?

Body butter is a thick cream and is formed using plant-based butter, natural oils and essential oils. Let’s dive into ingredients and their benefits.


Body Butter

Base Ingredients (Plant-based butter) (Essential Oils)    +         Protective Layer +         Magical (Oils)


Plant-based butter: The base of body butter is formed using plants based butter such as cocoa butter, shea butter and mango butter. 

Benefits: Lock the moisture into the skin and make skin more supple and plump.


Natural oils: The base is blended with natural oils such as cold-pressed coconut oil and olive oil. Oils are mixed to make butter easy to spread, and oils keep the nutrients of butter intact for a longer period. 

Benefits: Natural layers penetrate deeper layers of skin, and make it glow from inside.


Exotic ingredients: To enhance the power of body butter, essential oils and other natural extracts are mixed. 


Benefits: Most of the essential oils have calming and soothing effects. Some of them have antibacterial properties and some oils help to boost collagen production. 


Now that you know what body butter is, let’s move on to the difference between body butter and body lotion.


Difference Between Body Butter and Body Lotion

People often get confused between the body portion and body butter. Both are very different and distinct. Let’s understand the difference by decoding the formulation and function of them.


Specifications Body Butter Body Lotion
Formulation Formulated with plant-based butter, oils, essential oils Formulated with oils, glycerin, and salicylic/ hyaluronic acid 
Texture Thick cream  Runny 
Usage Directly message on to skin after bath or spa, before sleeping Massage on the skin after bath, before bed
Benefits Hydrate skin, lock moisture, fight with the signs of aging Provides instant hydration


Body lotion can be applied twice or thrice as per the skin needs, but body butter is sufficient to use once a day, because of its powerful properties. 

Both are distinct, you can’t replace body lotion with body butter and vice versa. Now let’s see what are the top three body oils for getting flawless skin.


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Top 3 Body Butters

Clovia Botaniqa has launched a range of body butter for all skin types to achieve different results. They are natural and enriched with exotic ingredients.


1. Clovia Botaniqa Deep Hydrating Body Butter

This body butter is enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter and moringa essential oil. Shea butter helps to hydrate the skin, whereas cocoa butter clears and detoxifies the skin. Moringa helps even skin tone by removing blemishes.

Clovia Botaniqa Deep Hydrating Body Butter

Benefits: As the name suggests this body butter is for deep hydration, it softens the skin, removes blemishes and reduces scare. Make skin look plumper and firmer.


Usage: Best to use it in winter, the one who has dry skin can use it in summer as well, especially after taking a spa or deep exfoliation.


2. Clovia Botaniqa Nourishing Body Butter

This body butter is for skin nourishment and it heals damaged skin. It has shea butter, cocoa butter and organic extracts such as aloe vera, argan oil & vitamin C.

Benefits: It gently cleanses the skin and makes it glowing. Argan oil in butter moisturizes the skin deeply and leaves plumpy happy skin. Vitamin C present in body butter removes scars and lightens and brightens the skin. 

Usage: Best to use after bath, and can be used daily in all seasons.


3. Clovia Botaniqa Calming Body Butter

This body butter has calming properties. Clovia Botaniqa calming body butter works well on all skin types and helps to rejuvenate the skin. This body butter contains shea butter, kokum butter, jasmine oil, lavender oil, moringa oil & saffron extracts.

Calming Body Butter

Benefits: Jasmine and lavender essential oils both have calming effects. Lavender oil boosts blood circulation and reduces scars. Jasmine oil soothes the skin and saffron extracts brightens and lightens the skin. 


Usage: This body butter can be used all year round, and since it has calming properties, it is best to use at night as it helps to get better sleep. 


Clovia Botaniqa products are all-natural and made in India. The products are 100% natural and free from toxins, sulfates and parabens. The products are safe on the skin and not tested on animals. On top of everything, Clovia Botaniqa products are very affordable and give visible results.


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