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Tips For Choosing the Best Nursing Bra for Breastfeeding

Raising a child is any day a full time job, and I simply believe that applause for courageousness needs to be sounded for all mothers around the world. Now, clearly believing that we women are born with the motherly instinct, still a little help in the feeding department is any day welcome.

You can understand that I am not talking about feeding a 4 year old (that is anyways more activity than yoga), but I am talking about feeding the little jewels of happiness, our new borns. Now, I would give the award of innovation to the person who invented the nursing bra: clearly vanishes the flustered feeling out of feeding.

Having said that, I believe it is necessary to know few pointers about these bras as it is quite human to make mistakes while buying maternity bras, especially online. So, here is lil’ old me giving you the tips.

Which kind of feeding bras to select?

I have seen women racking their brains out thinking which feeding bra will be the best for them. There are two kinds, ladies, one with the middle opening and other one with shoulder hooks. Let’s just look what is the difference.

The middle flap: The buttoned flap opening at the centre of the bra.

The shoulder hook: A hooked flap, which can be snapped open from the straps.

Now, if you check them there is no major difference. Both will serve the purpose of feeding. What I would suggest is trying them and checking, which makes you comfortable more. When it comes to breastfeeding bras, it is the feel and comfort that matters.

Let go of the extras

Even though, underwires, padded and push ups give us women that sexy feel, but, avoiding them during feeding is advisable. You do not want an underwire poking into your already enlarged breasts. Also, padded and push up is going to make you feel all constricted and claustrophobic. So, go in for nursing bras that give you the added support and provide comfort to your twin babies.

Size does matter

Yes, I believe this wholly and solely that when it comes to maternity lingerie, it is always better to buy one size bigger, especially bras. Your breasts will increase in size as the milk glands will enlarge, so, it is best to buy bras that are a size bigger. There is no harm in wearing your normal size, but why be uncomfortable on purpose.

So, my momsy womsies, buy the pregnancy bras that you like and feel comfy and relaxed with feeding.

Happy Nursing!


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