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The Best Nighties For Humid Weather

The Best Nighties For Humid Weather

Humidity can be a real pain and make anyone lose their mind because of how irritating it gets. With all the sweat and sticky skin, things might get too messy at night when you hope for a peaceful comfortable sleep but the humid weather has other plans. But don’t sweat…. Ok, you get the point, all you need is the proper night wear to battle the humidity and have that peaceful sleep you need, so here are some of the best nighties from Clovia to make sure you keep cool and calm.

1. Floral print short nighty in pink

Floral print short nighty in pinkThis is the perfect nightwear for all the women who love to be free and feel light when they sleep. The cotton material makes it soft to the skin and breezy, the make and design is such that allows the skin to breathe and does not suffocate the body. The free flowing nature and lightness of the nighty makes it one of the best picks to battle the humid weather in style and ease. The light pink color and frills and the neck and the bow give it a cool and relaxed look that makes it the right choice for you.

2. Baby pink sexy short nighty (lace and satin)

Baby pink sexy short nighty (lace and satin)This nighty is a beautiful combination of lace and satin. This makes it breathable, light, and soft to the skin so much so that it almost feels like a second skin. The elastic in the back helps support and hold up your bust well keeping you comfortable every time you wear it. It is a short dress hence no unnecessary irritation because of length. The lace design gives a very cute and feminine touch to this nighty and the double layered cups make it a great pick for your wardrobe.

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3. Printed short night dress in light grey

Printed short night dress in light greyWho said nighties can’t be fun? Bring out the cute child in you with this light grey short nighty with a cartoon bear print to relive your childhood days. Because of its short length and short sleeves, by wearing it you can easily move around and the breathable cotton prevents any irritation caused by sweating in humid weathers. The round neckline makes it easier to wear at any time, whether it’s a sleepover with friends or a Netflix and chill night alone or with your bae.

Explore the amazing range of nighties and nightwear with and always stay fresh, free, and comfortable in your zone no matter what the situation is.

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