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Show Your Straps – Celeb Trends

Gone are the days when hiding bra straps was one of the most important tasks for woman because, with change in time and fashion trends, flaunting the bra straps has become a fashion statement. Even our dear celebrities have started showing off their bra straps in such an amazing style that we just can’t get over this amazing trend. Don’t you want to flaunt that bra strap in the same celebrity style?  If yes, then let’s first have a look at some of the popular celebrities showing their bra straps and get inspired to carry the same.


Have a look at this one by Selena Gomez while she was out for rehearsals. Her navy blue racer back top looks even more gorgeous after she chose to flash those black bra straps outside. Racer backs always give you the best opportunity to show the straps and you must grab it with confidence and style.

Celebrities On The Set Of Despierta America - January 13, 2015

This look by the American Pop Singer Jennifer Lopez is much more than classy. Her halter neck top is looking stunning with the black bra straps moving gracefully on the shoulders. Remember, this is the sort of class you would require to carry while showing your bra straps.


Bra strap showing from one side of the shoulder on wearing an off shoulder top has always looked great. This look by Alessandra Ambrosio looks really hot and proves how a bra strap changes a dull one into a sexy one. Would you have liked this top more without the strap? Not at all!


Now have a look at this look from the movie “Finding Fanny”. The beautiful dress of Deepika Padukone looks flawless with those same patterned yet different coloured bra straps on both ends. With a floral halter neck top, these floral pattern bra straps on both the shoulders make a great combination of blue and red.

After having a look at these celebrities showing off their bra straps, I am sure you won’t mind showing them off too. But remember, it looks great when you have confidence and style amalgamated together to put on a stylish look.


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