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Perfect Bra Size – Not An Urban Myth Anymore!

Over 75% women do not know their correct bra size.

Ill fitted brassieres can ruin a pretty dress you have been wanting to wear for the perfect evening. A well fitted bra can do wonders to your silhouette as well as to your mood.

Here is decoding the path to your perfect bra size with bra size calculator.

Are you wearing the right size?

Experiencing wrinkling in the cup, loosely fitted straps, a brassiere band which climbs up your back, shoulder strap which poke through your delicate skin, brassiere marks/crevices on your shoulders or back or are your breasts struggling to fit into the cup and is spillover embarrassment is a regular occurrence?

If any of the above is routine encounter, then you need to get rid of that size and buy something that fits you well. And don’t worry we are here to tell you your right size for a neat, impeccable and comfortable feel.

What is your band size?

All you need is a measuring tape, and whenever you are braless measure right under your breast, round off to the nearest whole number, if you have an even number add 4 inches or 5 inches to an odd number.

Example : If you measure 32 inches (add 4 = 36 inches).

If you measure 33 inches (add 5 = 38 inches).

This is your band size.

Untitled-1 (2)

Also for a new bra your should be more comfortable with the outermost hook as the band loses its elasticity you can adjust the hooks by moving to the inner hooks.

Next comes the bust size!

Wrap the measuring tape closely around the fullest part of your chest, which is mostly around the nipples.

Round to the nearest whole number.

This is your bust size.

Untitled-2 (1)

Most important is that how to measure Cup Size?.

Subtract your band size from your bust size :

Bust Size – Band Size and then refer the chart below :

The difference in inches 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Your cup size is AA A B C D DD DDD, F G

So simple, wasn’t it?

Now, some not so-simple stuff that every girl must know.

  1. Cup sizes are also graded so cup size of 34B and 36B are different. As the band size increases, so does the cup size. Therefore 34B is same as 32C or 36A.

cup gradation chart

  1. While trying a bra, remember that cups may take time settling in the cups. Once you have worn the bra, bend down a little so that your bust is pointing towards the floor and shake your shoulders in Bollywood style jiggy dance. This will help your breasts settle in the cups and you will know if this style or size works for you
  1. Bra underbands are the unsung heroes.  They provide more than 80% of the support and not the straps. So if your bra straps are too tight or are digging in, it means your band is too loose and you need to move down a band size. However, refer to table in point no 1 and change your cup size too. For example, if you are 34C and your straps are killing you, you ought to move to size 32D (In case this example fits you, don’t get bothered by the ‘D’ cup stigma. Read our blog size does matter <>
  1. To recap it all, there are 4 parts to a good fitting. Get them right and voila! You have the perfect bra size as well as fit.

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