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Meet The Model- Paula Cabral

 Our dazzling beauty Paula is originally from Brazil, a land filled with fun and culture which beautifully reflects in her persona too. She came to India to pursue her deep love for modelling and theatre and became an instant favourite of many modelling agencies including her recent Lacrème.

Just as gorgeous she is, her expressions and smile are as lovely and infectious, which makes it a breeze to shoot with her. Apart from modelling, theatre and acting are as dear to Paula. She also loves spending time with her friends and family whenever she visits home. Her pets give her another reason to smile through the day.

This pretty lady is also quite a biker chic and likes to go on long solo drives on her bike. Her love for music and singing sees her breaking into a song every now and then and recently she has taken to Punjabi music as well.

Loves Clovia because:
Paula absolutely adores the beautiful collection at Clovia. She likes their comfort along with their versatile styling that she feels matches wide variety of tastes and sizes.


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