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Not Just Your ‘Dil’, Gift Her Sexy Lingerie Too For Valentine’s

Not just your 'dil', gift her sexy lingerie too for Valentine's

Come February and gift shops are flooded with husbands and boyfriends frantically trying to find a perfect valentine’s day gift for wife or girlfriend. After hours of deliberation, it is the same old card with a cheesy romantic message or a giant panda size teddy bear that they badger the sales guy to wrap up beautifully. All this trouble and they still end up not making their love happy and sleeping on the couch. If you belong to the brigade that spent the last Valentine’s Day sleeping on the couch then it is time you pull up your socks and gear up for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

# And how would I do that?

You must have guessed by now that she is expecting you to think out of the box this year and that is why you must give her something different like a lingerie valentine day gift! Sexy valentine’s lingerie is not just something that will please your love but it will also heat up things during your intimate moments with her. We are sure this has perked up your attention now gents. Your Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend should be something that shows your love for her and makes her feel beautiful; something that valentine’s lingerie does with ease.

# Size does matter

With online shopping at the tips of your fingers, it is super easy to buy lingerie sitting right at home as you watch your favorite footballer score a goal. The only caveat here is that when you are buying lingerie as the Valentine’s Day gift for her, you must be sure of her size. This is a simple hurdle that you can easily overcome by browsing through her lingerie closet. As weird as it might seem, it is a risk you will have to take. Haven’t you heard that everything is fair in love and war? Now that you know her size, it is time to go lingerie shopping.

Disclaimer: never let her know that you scoured through her lingerie closet. Some secrets are best untold unless you want her to see you like a creepy boyfriend!

# Tips, please

If you are still scratching your head wondering what lingerie pieces would qualify as Valentine’s Day romantic gifts, let us play the love guru and give you some priceless tips. Our top picks are babydolls and lace bra & panty sets. A beautiful babydoll is going to make your love look like a doll for sure. Satin and sheer should be your pick for the day as both these fabrics lend a beautiful slimming silhouette and this is where you are sure to get extra marks for making her look thin! Ladies love lace and you love your lady, so go ahead and buy her a lace bra and panty set.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick some sensuous sets at Clovia and be sure to get a ‘yes’ from her when you pop the question, with the gift in one hand and you on your knees.

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