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Nighties Are The Unsung Heroes Of Comfort Wear

Nighties Are The Unsung Heroes Of Comfort Wear

Saying sayonara to office attire has been the only benefit that has come with the pandemic last year. With loungewear coming to the rescue, our work from home experience was heightened just because of the tranquil setting. Nighties are a treasured and well-hyped piece of clothing that has a fan base of its own. In fact, nighties have been under the nightwear category for a long time, overlooking the other kinds. The scenario we have been accustomed to calls for a comfortable delight that is best suitable for the weather along with something that ain’t restricting. Having to pick a loose-fitted piece of clothing is the joy of shopping for home clothes. Nevertheless, dressing shabbily isn’t the memo we got, right?

Fashion inclination is a known advancement humans have taken part in, even if you have just dipped your feet in the pool of fashion. The vast culture speaks of dressing up at all times, be it dressing up for home. It’s a thing, and boy are we hip with the trend?!  Understand your nightwear needs the right way considering the fit, colour and design since, friends, we are getting started on our journey to become a fashionista.


Kaftan is the byproduct of fashion meeting comfort, in all the right ways. The effortlessly looking piece of clothing should become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. The colour and print of a kaftan are vibrant yet give a chic appearance.  It ticks off all the checklists that’ll surpass the comfort quotient with the added plus of looking irresistibly appealing. With a gentle cinch under the bust, a kaftan allows your figure to shine while maintaining the ease of movement. 

Nighty and Robe

Ladies, nighties and robes are timeless pieces one should own. It has been fashionable for a long time, you can clearly see old Bollywood actresses rocking them. Since then the new generation is also obsessed with the silhouettes of a silk robe that is unmatched and very feminine looking. Nighty and a robe set is ideal for women of any age, especially for someone that’s newly wedded. 

Short Nighty

For a more quirky approach to nighties, a short nighty is a correct fit for you. The eye-pleasing floral prints or satin-smooth finish fabrics are a few such options that come under the category. Some options you can pick from are the styles of sleeves or just having spaghetti straps and the fabric choice. Each item is packed with interesting visual appeal that’ll suit any body type. 

Nursing Nighty

Nighties come in variant styles and one such option you, as a new mom can get is a nighty that has easy access enabling you to feed your child. With this kind of nighty, they have a pleated design with a hidden zip that makes feeding convenient. It’s an upgraded and functional kind of nighty you can invest in rather than taking off your clothes each time you have to feed your kid. 

Long Nighty

Generally, nighties have been popular all this while amongst women because of the length and breezy styles. The market now has variations for the long nighties as well, making it more youth-friendly. There are styles that have frilled hemlines, quirky patterns and come in different shades. The nighties might have evolved with the generation, but the nostalgia stays true. 

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Nighty serves a great pleasure of comfort while having the style quotient intact. It’s the essential thing people generally skip since they are stuck with the old and dusty tees and pyjamas that definitely need an upgrade. Invest in a good quality nighty and you are all set for a comfy lounging in while being effortlessly stylish.

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