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Mukti Mohan Ties The Knot with Kunal Thakur

Popular actress and dancer, Mukti Mohan married her beau, Kunal Thakur. The c0uple posted their lavish & dreamy wedding pictures on Instagram with the caption, ““त्वयि सम्प्रेक्ष्य भगवान्स्त्वया हि विवाह्यते।” In you, I find my divine connection; with you, my union is destined. Grateful for the blessings bestowed by god, family and friends. Our families are ecstatic and seek your blessings for our journey forward as Husband and Wife 💑💫 #KunalKoMiliMukti.” The comment section was filled with people from the industry congratulating and expressing happiness for the newly wedded couple. Mukti’s sister, Shakti, too posted pictures of the wedding on her Instagram with an emotional caption.

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