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Mistakes to Avoid While Buying the Right Shapewear

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying the Right Shapewear

Do you know what the biggest myth women have about shapewear? If they wear shapewear 1 size smaller, they can look slimmer and go down a size. But the truth is, it only makes them feel uncomfortable instead of giving that sleek silhouette they always dream of.

There are tons of misconceptions about shapewear, that’s why we mess up so much when buying and dressing in it. So, let’s discuss the slip-ups we’re making and how to steer clear of them.

  1. Size Matters

Thinking “smaller is better” is making us buy the wrong shapewear. We tend to believe that wearing smaller shapewear will give us a flattering sleek figure, but that’s not always the case. Instead, it gives you weird bumps, and uneven shapes, making you feel uncomfortable even more. Shapewear is all about compression in specific areas, so just make sure you know your size and pick one that fits.

  1. Lack of Variety

We get it, you’re attached to that one shapewear you can’t part with. But wearing that same bra all the time makes it less durable and less effective. From thigh-smoothing shapers to rear-lifting shapewear. With so many options available, why stick to just one shapewear? Plus, it’s better to have multiple pieces for hygiene.

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  1. Choosing the Wrong Colour & Fabric

Ever had shapewear that was supposed to make you look sleek, but instead, it drew all the attention to the area you wanted to keep hidden? How did that make you feel? So, it’s super important to pick the right colour. The perfect shapewear should stay hidden and not steal the spotlight. That’s why go for classic black and beige ones that blend seamlessly under any outfit. For fabrics, go for something super comfy, stretchy, breathable, and lightweight and avoid wearing those fabrics that might irritate your skin.

  1.  No Matching Shapewear for Individual Outfit

There is nothing on this earth that can be universally applicable or suitable for everyone. Shapewear comes in all sorts of sizes, and styles, and for different areas. To look sleek and sexy in a tight dress, opt for a high-waisted, strapless shaper instead of bulky shapewear with straps. If you’re wearing a flowy dress, a lightweight, knee-length shapewear would work wonders.

  1. Compression Levels

Shapewear comes in different compression levels to target and tone different problem areas. For everyday wear, light compression shapewear is ideal, offering comfort all day long. It might not give you that toned, sleek look you want but it works for everyday wear. To look more toned and sculpted, try high-compression shapewear. But remember, this shapewear isn’t meant for all-day wear, it can mess with your breathing.

Every woman’s body is totally unique and diva-like and the right shapewear should make you feel good and confident and accentuate your natural curves instead of discomforting you. Avoid making these mistakes while buying a shapewear! Start by figuring out what areas you want to improve and choose shapewear that hides them while keeping you comfy.

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