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Flab to Fab- Shapewear to the Rescue


It is really confounding how women still tend to be dilly-dallying with the idea of sporting a shapewear. It is still thought of as uncomfortable, body-numbing or ‘too-tight’ apparel of yore! When truly shapewear technology has largely revolutionized in present times & comfort is a priority factor for modern manufacturers.

Most of you find it rather tricky to get the right kind of shapewear. But, it actually is a cakewalk only if you pay heed to the basics.

We’re here to put all your worries to rest. Follow on…
Shapewear Revamped

First Measure Yourself Up:

The fact that most advanced shapewear today are custom made for comfort, don’t go vouching for any tight-fitting ones. Stay true to your size for best results.

Different Control Types in Shapewear

For simply smoothening out those visible panty and bra lines go for light and medium control for everyday wear. If you plan to sport figure-hugging dresses, then opt for firm and extra-strong levels of control.

Shapewear can vary from really light to very firm, based on its built and your requirements. The ‘levels’ allow you to choose your type of control.

1. Light Control : This type allows for smoothness and shaping without much binding.
2.Moderate Control : Theoretically this type has more elasticized and built-in light control panels. For health concerns a maximum of eight hours wear is allowed for such shapewear.
3.Firm Control : These work best with problem areas that really need minimizing. They have special non-stretch panels that restrict any unwanted shapes. Despite great comfort such types should not be worn for the entire day.
4.Extra Firm Control : This is the highest level of support available in shapewear. These come with the quintessential reinforced panels and more often with metal boning.

What’s your Problem Body Part?

Identify the bulgy portions in your body that need immediate toning & skimming. It’s possible you might have more than one of such areas. Don’t panic, breathe!

The Fundamental Types:

The Full Body

Full body shapers are like miracle under dress that gives an instant shaping to your feminine contours. They might include bra straps, bra cups, and they generally come down to the knee area. If you are looking for full coverage, the full body shaper is your saviour!

Wear me with:

  • Body hugging dresses
  • Evening dress
  • Cocktail gowns

Full Body ShapersBodysuits
Bodysuits help to smooth out tummy, lift up the breasts & bottoms, thereby rendering a smooth bodily appearance. These may come with attached bra for added support. Cupless styles are also available.Wear me with:

  • Casual dress
  • Tops , tanks , fitted tops
  • Indian traditional wear ( great to be worn under kurtis )
  • Jumpsuits

Warning!—Some bodices are devoid of gusset opening. It would be rather hassling everytime you wish to make rounds to the washroom! A gusset opening is a blessing with bodysuits.

Corsets are vintage apparel that never went out of fashion! These when worn under dresses & skirts smoothen any fatty bulges and provide an ultimate enviable skimmed-body silhouette. These may have stocking clips for keeping in place. An attached bra is an option here.Wear me with:

  • Indian traditional wear for a perfect hourglass figure
  • Summer dresses
  • Office wear
  • Flattering look under the tops

Styling tip:Use those fancy corsets as outwear or bedroom wear.
For a Western look:Team them up with a denim or a skirt. Throw a jacket on top if you are a bit shy.
For an Indian look:These looks amazing if worn with saris as blouses.
Bedroom Secrets:Just team them up with garters, stockings and sky high heels and you are ready to rock your man’s world.

CorsetsShaping Camisoles

These shapers smoothens the upper torso and flatten any belly fat. Make those embarrassing muffin tops vanish instantly with these camisoles! These are very comfortable & may have bra cut-outs so that the choice for a bra is uniquely yours.Wear me with:

  • Tank tops or T-shirts
  • Flowy chiffon or georgette blouses or tops
  • Anarkali suits
  • Under your office wear

Shaping Camisoles

Longline Bras and Bustiers

A back-bra fat bulge is a dreadful thing veiling even slight hint of elegance in your apparel. Here Bustiers come to rescue! These support the busts and smoothes up the back avoiding bra line. Longline bras are must have for women with heavier busts as they promise optimum support.Wear me with:

  • Indian wear like cholis, sari blouses, salwar suits for a smooth back.
  • Casual dresses that are more fitted around the bust area
  • Everyday office wear

Longline Bras & Bustiers

Shaping Shorts and Leggings

Typical Indian female is endowed with bountiful figure, with heavier bottoms & grand thighs. A pair of shaping shorts helps lift the buttocks & smoothens out thighs simultaneously. These come in ankle length, knee length or mid-thigh length for individual requirements.Wear me with:

  • Slim fitting skirts or denims
  • Summer dresses
  • Evening or cocktail gowns
  • Saris or lehngas for a smooth hip area
  • Shirt dresses

Shaping Shorts & Leggings

Control Briefs

Equip your wardrobe with control briefs and boy shorts as fundamental shaping garments for any occasion. These provide a great lift to the bottoms & curtail muffin tops and tummy bulges. These range from light to firm supports & are perfect for women who plan to wear shapewear for first time.Wear me with:

  • Anything or everything
  • Casual wear
  • Traditional wear
  • Everyday wear
  • Party wear

Control BriefsSeamless technology:

If you have decided to go for a flawlessly undetectable shapewear, it is possible with the seamless ones. These shapers employ advanced knit technology with aid of highly specialized computerized knitting machines. These garments don’t show any stitches or seams as they don’t have one! They sit perfectly on body contours & provide a flawless & smooth finish. The technology is now becoming a fad with shapewear manufacturers & enthusiasts everywhere!


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