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Behind one of the fastest growing partnership programs, there are a lot of determined and enthusiastic minds. Let’s meet the team that makes it possible and how their journey has been so far.

Esther is our full of life livewire from North East India and a proud mother of five. She is the fastest person to reach the position of #underfashion Director in Clovia Partnership Program by building her team within a month. She joined Clovia to pursue her dream of making an independent identity after having built a happy family. She is also very fond of travelling, exploring new things and trying out new delicacies.
Esther Chishi
Clovia Underfashion Director, Housewife & Mother of 5

She proves that it’s never too late to try something new. 62 year old Ruby Malhi is a Kathak teacher by profession and a mother of two. With the determination of making her long due entrepreneurial dream come true, she joined Clovia Partnership Program in March 2017 and successfully became an #underfashion Director within a short span of less than 2 months.
Ruby Malhi
Clovia Underfashion Director & Kathak Teacher

Entrepreneurial world is nothing new for our #underfashion Director, Pooja Goel. She believes in the importance for a woman to be independent and runs an institute to empower women through self-defence training. She joined Clovia Partnership program in March and reached the position of Director in May. When not busy with her powerpuff gang of girls, she loves travelling and exploring the food and culture in different countries.
Pooja Goel
Clovia Underfashion Director & Business Woman

Amarjeet Mann is our Iron lady and a single mother to two children. Her husband served his life to Indian Army when she was just 28 years old. But, her ‘never give up’ attitude kept her going. She raised her two kids on her own by running her own boutique. She brought this positive attitude and her business sense to Clovia Partnership Program by achieving the position of a Manager swiftly. This big people’s person also loves travelling a lot and is a pro at cooking awesome new dishes.
Amarjeet Mann
Clovia Underfashion Manager & an Awesome Cook

Our #underfashion Manager Neelu is an M.Com post graduate and has also done B.Ed. She already knows what it takes to run a business as she has been successfully running her own home coaching centre for few years. She heads an enthusiastic team here at Clovia, who are working their way quickly towards the life of their dreams.
Neelu Kansal
Clovia Underfashion Manager & Established Entrepreneur

Clovia’s another proactive #underfashion Manager is Veena Madan. She is a proud mother of 2 and wife to an equally enthusiastic scientist. She shares her enthusiasm with a super supportive team of friends who joined hands to help her achieve the position of a Manager in a short span of time. She is an avid shopper and an even better fashionista, knowing all about the latest trends.
Veena Madan
Clovia Underfashion Manager & Mother of 2

Kini is our young North East Indian beauty who believes in leading an independent life. She is an avid fan of Clovia and its products and just loves to add them to her already fashionable wardrobe. Her love for Clovia’s comfortable designs, fabrics and trendy styles is the reason behind her driving so many Clovia lovers towards Clovia Partnership Program to build a strong and enthusiastic team.
Kinitoli Zhimo
24 Year Old Entrepreneur

Sajiny is a homemaker and a mother of 2 and has done Masters in History. Having realized that her kids have grown and become independent, she decided to take out some time for herself and gain financial independence. When she came to know about Clovia Partnership program, she felt that this is the best opportunity for women and because of her determination and focused approach she became Manager within a month. She also loves taking out time for two of her passions i.e. gardening and travelling.
Sajiny Pillai Mishra
Clovia Underfashion Manager & Mother of 2


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