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Legit Tips for Making Your Swimsuits Last Longer

Legit Tips for Making Your Swimsuits Last Longer

Swimsuits aren’t cheap. So when you find the perfect one, you want to make it last longer than a season. But there are several things you might be doing to your bathing suit that could actually shorten its lifespan.

Clean after Every swim

Even if you have only been for a quick dip, the same amount of chlorine will be on your suit regardless of the time spent in the pool. Rinsing your swimsuit following the instructions above is vital and is the key to a long lasting swimsuit.

Hand Wash 

The issue with washing machines is that they agitate all the delicate parts (like the cups, padding, ties, etc.). All this movement can damage a delicate suit, leaving things bunched, stretched, or otherwise ill-fitting.

Keep extra suits

Not only do you never want to be caught short at the pool without your swimsuit, but having a second suit while your first one is drying is a great way to keep the lifespan of the suit long. Some swimmers always have two suits with them in case one becomes damaged. We always think that you can never have too many swimsuits!

Care for your suit while you use it

Avoid the embarrassment of ripping your new suit at the pool and just keep an eye out for potential hazards. Sitting on the edge of a pool is a big no-no, the rough nature of the tiled edge is designed for grip when you’re standing there, and it will easily grip your suit enough to rip a hole in it. Not only the edge of the pool but it is important to be careful while you pull it out of your bag, zips can easily rip their way through your new suit. You can never be too careful!

Sit On a Towel

Whenever you’re sitting on the ground next to the pool, on a wooden bench, or on any other rough surface, try to sit on a towel. If carrying a towel 24/7 seems too high maintenance, simply wrap-up in a sarong when you leave your chair – you’ll never even have to think about where your sitting (though the sarong will take the brunt of the blow, so make sure you won’t mind snags in it).

Your swimsuit is for swimming!

If you’re looking for a costume to lay out on a sunbed in, then do not use your regular swimming costume. Not only can the sun damage the colours and fibres. But if you’ve just been for a dip, the accelerated drying process will do more harm than good. A good waterproof sun cream is great for swimming outdoors; however even then oils in sun cream can damage your suit so avoid getting excessive sun cream on your suit.

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