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Ladies, Let’s Talk About Our Panty Problems

Panty hacks to tide you over your panty problems!

Your briefs stay with you through the day, providing you with all the comfort and keeping up your hygiene quotient. But sometimes, they don’t work like we hope them to. Here are some simple & quick PANTY HACKS for your most dreaded panty problems that will help you enjoy their beauty and comfort in the best way.

Visible Panty Lines

Problem: 1

VISIBLE PANTY LINES under body-hugging outerwear

Solution: Opt for seamless panties, boyshorts or thongs that help avoid panty lines.

Muffin Top

Problem: 2

 MUFFIN TOP or bulging belly fat

Solution: High-waist panties or panties with broad waistband help reduce the problem.

Embarrassing Wedgie

Problem: 3

Embarrassing WEDGIE making your bottoms stick between the butt-cheeks

Solution: Get a panty that’s exactly your size in thicker fabric that doesn’t shift.

Panty visible under Whites

Problem: 4

PANTY VISIBLE under white or light bottoms

Solution: Always wear NUDE/ SKIN coloured panties under white or light bottoms.

Panty Peeking

Problem: 5

PANTY PEEKING on bending in low waist pants

Solution: Team with low waist or ultra low waist panties.

Problem: 6

We all have the same parts, so why do only some of us put the CAMEL TOE on display?

Solution: Too little coverage. Either the panty worn is too small in size, or not covering enough skin. If you’re afraid of a frontal wedgie, wear a hipster or seamless thong panty under those leggings.

So there you have it. The most common panty problems we experience and some easy fixes!


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