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Meet The Model – Jana Momcilovic

Jana Momcilovic


Jana Momcilovic was born in Serbia, Europe. She is just 19 years of age and education wise Jana has pursued Economics. She loves acting, singing and dancing. This pretty girl has grown up with a little brother and together they played fun and adventurous games. She has a fit and athletic body, thanks to her genes and work outs. She loves India because of the culture, multi religious people, travel places and food. Her favorite dishes include paneer, Butter Chicken, Roti and much more. Jana loves India and it’s like her second home. She would love to settle down in India as she has lost her heart here to someone very special in Chandigarh, blush blush!

Loves Clovia because:
she loves the soft feel of satin nightslips. The designs and colors are very flattering.


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