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How to Choose an Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner

How to Choose an Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner

Hair fall is a common issue that all of us face. We try many DIYs at home to keep our scalp healthy and combat hair fall. But at last, everything fails. It really hurts whenever you see hair strands lying here and there around your house, right? If you have been trying anti-hair fall shampoos but they don’t give you good results, maybe you should probably use an anti-hair fall conditioner along with the shampoo. These anti-hair fall conditioners control and reduce hair fall.

Things to consider before buying an anti-hair fall conditioner

1. Try to research and check out the ingredients and reviews before buying any product instead of getting fascinated by the bold labels that read ‘anti-hair fall conditioner’.

2. Generally we experience hair fall due to dandruff, weak hair roots, hair coloring, hair treatments or scalp related issues. So it is very important to note down the cause of your hair fall before you buy the product. Losing around 100-150 strands is normal but anything above this is a matter of concern and you should figure out your hair concern.

3. Products that contain natural ingredients always show best results as it’s completely chemical, sulphate and paraben free.

4. If you have frizzy or curly hair, look for a conditioner that prevents your locks besides controlling hair fall. And if you have dry hair, look for ingredients that moisturize along with ingredients that control hair fall.

To resolve all your issues we present you Clovia Botaniqa anti-hair fall conditioner which absolutely takes care of all your hair problems:

Anti-Hair-Fall-ConditionerThis anti-hair fall conditioner reduces hair fall, adds volume, smoothes frizzy and dry hair and makes hair shinier. It even prevents split ends and strengthens hair from the roots. It enhances hair growth and makes it look voluminous. Made out of all natural ingredients like argan oil, hibiscus extract, rosemary, hispanic seed oil, etc. this conditioner gives life to hair, controls hair fall and boosts hair growth for sure.

Wrapping Up

We hope that now you know how to choose an anti-hair fall conditioner. Reasons for hair fall range from hormonal changes to imbalance diet, pollution to health issues and stress. Losing 100-150 strands per day is normal but if you see any sudden or extreme hair loss we advise you to consult a doctor as soon as possible.



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