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Go Strapless! Strip Of Those Straps

Bra Straps

There are so many occasions when one tries on a bra and it looks great and feels soft and all, but the cups just don’t sit right. Yes yes, we’ve also spent a fair few years going straight for the straps. If I would fall for a design, or more so if I was in a hurry, I’d tug on the straps, tighten them as much as I could, hoping they’d hold the cups up and make the bra fit better.

The truth is, straps are the least important part of a bra. You’d think we would have thought about this, considering we invest in strapless bras all the time. Oh well, its never too late to learn that a properly fitting bra supports the breasts at the band! Meaning cut all that tugging and adjusting with the straps. There’s a faster way to test support using the straps. – pull them all the way down! If your bra is still supporting you, you’re home! And to think of all the contorted positions we’ve been in, trying to lengthen and shorten bra straps. Whew.


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