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Diwali 2021: Best Diwali Gifts to Buy for Your Wife

Diwali 2021: Best Diwali Gifts to Buy for Your Wife

On Diwali when everyone sends gifts to their loved ones, husbands often struggle to find the best Diwali gift for their better half. Sometimes, being on a tight budget they can’t buy expensive gifts, but they want to gift something thoughtful & nice to their wives on Diwali. If that’s the case you landed on the right page. You don’t have to gift her a box of chocolate this time, that’s too outdated & after lots of sweets she might not want to eat those. So, what could be your best pick for Diwali 2021 to impress your wife? I have created a list of day to day things that she actually loves & might be eyeing for a long time. So, without making further ado let’s dive in.

Thoughtful & Rejuvenating Skin, Hair & Body Care Combos

Needless to say, women love exotic skin, hair & body care products. They love to pamper themselves while without compromising the quality of the products. And on Diwali, every woman wants to shine. Nothing could be better & more useful than ayurvedic skin, hair & body care combos for Diwali 2021 gifts. Here is a list of Diwali gift combos that you can buy for your wife from Clovia Botaniqa.

Make Me Shine Ayurvedic Skin Care Combo by Clovia Botaniqa:

This could be one of the best gifts ever that you have given to your wife. This ayurvedic skincare combo by Clovia Botaniqa includes the following products:

  1. Clovia Botaniqa Pure Silver Shine Face Serum – 30ml
  2. Matcha Tea Face Mask – 50gm
  3. Clovia Botaniqa Radiant Face Serum – 30ml
  4. Spot Corrector Cream – 50gm

Glow Getter Ayurvedic Skin Care Combo by Clovia Botaniqa:

Looking for the best glowing Diwali ever, then this combo can bring the lost glow back not only on your wife’s face but also on yours. This Diwali get a makeover from head to toe by grabbing this ayurvedic combo that contains:

  1. Clovia Botaniqa calming body butter
  2. Clovia Botaniqa calming body wash
  3. Clovia Botaniqa 24K pure gold facial serum oil
  4. Clovia Botaniqa kumkumadi face cream

Keep Me Fresh Ayurvedic Skin Care Combo by Clovia Botaniqa:

After that super tiring Diwali cleaning process, your wife deserves some pampering that makes her feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for dhamakedaar Diwali. This refreshing combo will definitely make her happy. The combo contains:

  1. Clovia Botaniqa Radiant Face Serum – 30ml
  2. Clovia Botaniqa Vitamin C Face Serum – 30ml
  3. Clovia Botaniqa Pure Rose Water – 100ml

Make Me Flawless Ayurvedic Skin Care Combo by Clovia Botaniqa:

Tight on budget & and can’t buy an expensive ornament for your wife? This combo will instantly bring a smile to her face. This ayurvedic skin care combo contains:

  1. Clovia Botaniqa Matcha Tea Face Mask – 50gm
  2. Clovia Botaniqa Pure Rose Water – 100ml
  3. Clovia Botaniqa Radiant Face Serum – 30ml
  4. Clovia Botaniqa Kumkumadi Cream – 50gm

Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Skin Care Combo by Clovia Botaniqa:

Still in a dilemma about what to get for your beloved wife this Diwali? This combo can be the best gift for your better half! This combo contains:

  1. Clovia Botaniqa Pure Silver Shine Face Serum – 15ml
  2. Clovia Botaniqa Pink Clay Face Mask – 50gm
  3. Clovia Botaniqa Witch Hazel Bodywash – 200ml

All these skincare combos are destined to make your wife’s skin dewy & plump. These products are filled with the goodness of natural actives that imparts brilliant benefits & enhances your skin tone. And these products are formulated with an ayurvedic method to make them more impactful. These products are clean free of chemicals, toxins, sulphate & parabens. Needless to say, modern women love clean products.

So, this Diwali, help her to get radiant skin & make her smile with these amazing combos. The best part about the combos, is the products are ideal for all skin types & gender-neutral, so at times when you feel you need some radiance on your face, you can also use these goodies.

Cosy & Happy Nightwear for Her

Diwali is filled with parties & get together, and these days house pyjama parties are trending. During Diwali hustle & bustle ladies don’t want to carry something heavy in casual get together with family & close friends. They want to wear something light, cosy & comfy, which they can enjoy freely without caring much about their outfits. Our nightwear is lit, can be a perfect pick for Diwali card parties, casual meets. Depending on your wife’s taste, you can explore different styles: short nightdress, PJ’s, nighties, cami-top & shorts set, etc. We are sure this nightwear will make her happy & you harmonious.

Most Demanded Matching Sets 

You might feel that I am over-exaggerating this, but it’s true, that words can’t describe the women’s love for lingerie. If anything can cheer her on a sad day after you that is intricate lingerie sets. She might own a huge collection of lingerie, but she is always ready for a new set. And this Diwali if you are planning to her gift some premium lingerie set but remaining on budget? You are in the right place dude! Go grab some stunning matching lingerie set that can melt your & your wife’s heart. 

Spark Igniting Babydolls for Her

If all the above options haven’t persuaded you, this gonna definitely buy you. Babydolls, the utterly sexy & most elegant of women nightwear will make you fall for these. Beautiful embellished, sheer lacy short nightdress has the power to transform any woman into a diva in no time. This can surely ignite things between you and your wife. Get your hands-on flattering baby dolls for your wife, and let her embrace herself!

All the above options are thoughtful, creative and useful. Unlike other Diwali gifts that go in cupboards and everybody forgets about their existence, these gift sets will make Diwali memorable. Your wife will definitely love your choice & appreciate your efforts for her, I am pretty sure about this. 

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