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Differences Between a Demi-Cup Bra and a Push-Up Bra

Differences Between a Demi-Cup Bra and a Push-Up Bra

At first, when I heard the word “Demi-cup”, I was muddled. I really didn’t know that it’s a term used for a bra type. As I didn’t know the word, it’s quite obvious that a demi-cup bra was a secret to me until I discovered it. I am sure many of us still don’t know this buzzword of the bra-land.

Now a twist comes to the story, however, we all know what a push-up bra is, but we don’t know that every push-up bra is a demi-cup bra. This bra-land has many amazing facts that every girl should know about bras. These facts will help you to determine your personal lingerie style. I have decided to go easy and picked one topic for today.

So, I am going to take you through the main differences and similarities between a demi cup bra and a push up bra. But before we dig deeper, let’s know the basic definition of each type.

What is a demi-cup bra?

The meaning of the word demi is half, hence a demi-cup bra doesn’t cover the entire bust area, rather it gives support to breasts and lets them be revealed partially. The purpose of a demi-cup bra is to enhance the cleavage but not prominently, by lifting busts slightly and drawing attention to the centre. A demi-cup bra can further have different options such as:

1. A demi-cup bra can be a push-up bra or a normal bra.
2. It can be padded or non-padded.
3. It may have an underwire or may not have an underwire.
4. A demi-cup bra is also available in low-cut style and that is called a plunging neckline.

Now let’s move on to a push-up bra.

What is a Push-up bra?

As the name suggests, a push bra pushes the busts upwards at a certain angle. The sole purpose is to create a prominent cleavage and also an illusion of a larger, fuller bust. A push-up bra has padded cups at the lower part of the bra and it helps to push the busts. A push-up bra has three levels of padding each of which enhances the breasts differently. Let’s understand!

Level 1 Push-up Bra: It creates an illusion of fuller and rounder breasts.
Level 2 Push-up Bra: It makes busts look one size bigger than the actual size, say if someone has a cup size of 32 C, then a level 2 push bra makes it look like 32 D.
Level 3 Push-up Bra: Level 3 makes busts look two sizes bigger than the actual size.

A push bra can be wired or non-wired – a wired bra gives a gentle lift and adds support.

Differences between a Demi Cup Bra & Push Up Bra

As you have gained a lot of information about both types of bra, now understand a few more, but this time I will simply present them.

Style Demi Bra Push Up Bra
Coverage Partial Partial or Full
Padding Maybe there or may not be Must have
Cleavage Show Slight Prominent
Ideal Breast Type Small Small, Saggy, Bell-Shaped

Similarities of Demi cup bras and Push-up Bras

Some similarities often confuse you to distinguish between both types.

● Both may or may not have underwire.
● Both may have plunge necklines.
● Coverage is lesser in both.

I tried to summarize all points to make you understand the difference between demi cups bras and push-up bras. I hope this bra guide will help you a lot with your next lingerie shopping. For more amazing facts and knowledge about lingerie, stay connected!

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