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Best Sportswear for Curvy Ladies

Best Sportswear for Curvy Ladies

Hey there beautiful ladies! We know you are passionate about working out and keeping yourself fit and kudos to you for that. We have spoken a lot about sportswear but for all my sexy curvy ladies out there, we think we gotta talk more. You are perfect as you are and to be honest a little more blessed than most of us! So have pride in that body while we help you pick sports outfit that let you flaunt your curves while keeping you comfy and supported.

1. Don’t choke’em

Don’t choke’emSince you are blessed with a few extra inches around your bust and hips, you need to make sure that what you wear during your workout doesn’t end up making you feeling trapped and leaving you with painful strap marks. Buy sports bras and tights that fit you perfectly well. Stay true to your size, a well-fitted bra should allow you just enough space to allow your skin to breathe and let you move easily. You can check out some really good sports bra options at Clovia with sizes up to 2XL. When it comes to tights, they are designed with special fabrics that contours your body and makes you look toned. But if you pick a smaller size of tights it will create unsightly bulges and muffin top. So the key is to pick products that support you while letting you feel comfortable.

2. Choose clothes that balance your body

Choose clothes that balance your bodyNow, because you are beautifully adorned, one of the things you gotta learn is how to balance your style and clothes according to your body shape. You don’t wanna look too round or too out of proportion as that might hinder you and your comfort. So try choosing options that flatter your body type and give a wholesome look to your body rather than those that make you look rounder Pick high waisted tights that highlight your curvy hips and tiny waist and style it with a crop top or a long line sports bra. Front open sports bras are a blessing for curvy women, they are easy to put on and take off after a sweaty workout.

3. Right sports bra is very important

Right sports bra is very importantIf you are a sports or fitness enthusiast and if you are blessed with extra curves, then it is a must-have for you to choose the right sports bra. This is essential as this is going to affect your training and body in the long term. Running, skipping & jogging – ask a curvy woman, the struggle is real! Your girls need a high impact sports bras to make them stay in place and to avoid the wear & tear of breast tissues which might occur during extensive training.

It is suggested that you go for a lightly padded sports bra so you don’t end up adding bulk to your already well-adorned bust. Full coverage is what you should be looking for when it comes to sports bras. Full coverage bras reduce the chances of spillage and keep you supported and well covered.

4. Durability

To compliment your curves, you need clothes that don’t get wear off fast. Exercise and sports are very demanding on the clothes your wear and being curvy, unfortunately, does not take away a lot of that pressure. The last thing your would want is your tights to rip apart while doing squats. So you really have to insist on going for more durable shopping options. Some options may be on the expensive side and look really good but they don’t last long. So instead of going for one expensive outfit, pick out a few inexpensive yet durable outfits that will last you longer, serve you better.

5. Fabric is key

Now, having a tough workout or sports session, sweating like hell and having a big bust and hip, all of these put together create one major problem. And yes we know boob sweat is real! One way to calm your fretting mind and give you results is that go for fabrics that keep you sweat-free & irritation-free. Choose fabrics that don’t absorb a lot of sweat, get wet & heavy and stick to your body revealing a little more than what is required or ones that don’t catch anything and make you look like you just came out of a thunderstorm. Instead go for fabrics like nylon, polyamide, polyester – these fabrics when treated can wick away moisture and keep you dry even when you sweat.

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