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Best Face Serums for Oily & Acne-Prone Skin

Best Face Serums for Oily & Acne-Prone Skin

The secret behind glowing, healthy, moisturized, nourished and radiant skin is a serum! Facial serums provide a boost of potent vitamins and nutrients that are customized to your specific concern.

If you have oily and acne-prone skin you know it is high maintenance, right? And picking a serum for oily and acne-prone skin is really hard because not all ingredients are safe for these skin types. So it’s very important to pick the right one based on the skin type you have. Below are two amazing serum that gives the best results to your skin:

Skivia Anti-Acne Face Serum for Acne-Prone Skin

If you frequently have acne, you know how difficult it is to keep those annoying spots under control. I know that you’ve tried powerful spot treatments, fancy cleansers and oil-absorbing masks, but have you ever stepped into the Serum Land? Yes, you heard it right, serums are the ultimate answer for all your skin problems. Serums that have salicylic acid as an ingredient can do wonders for acne-prone skin. So here we are with this amazing Skivia Anti-Acne Face Serum with Salicylic Acid & Niacinamide being its hero ingredients.

Skivia Anti-Acne Face Serum is a natural product with no hazardous toxins, sulphate or parabens. This face serum is highly enriched with ingredients like tea tree oil, salicylic acid, niacinamide and aloe vera that help in lightening acne scars and control acne-causing bacteria.


1. It unclogs the pores and prevents the formation of blackheads, whiteheads and acne.

2. Controls and reduces acne-causing bacteria.

3. Fights acne and calms the skin, resulting in a smoother and clearer complexion.

4. Controls excess oil production and effectively removes pollutants from the skin.

Skivia Oil Control Face Serum

Oily skin can be difficult to deal with, but not when you have a good serum. Serums aren’t simply for boosting your fine line-fighting routine, believe it or not. A serum with proper ingredients and texture can assist to rebalance oily skin. So to get rid of oily skin, we introduce to you Skivia Oil Control Face Serum with Niacinamide & Salicylic Acid.

Skivia Oil Control Face Serum is completely natural with no harmful toxins, sulphate or paraben. This serum is highly enriched with natural and pure aloe vera juice, niacinamide, salicylic acid and grape seed extract that helps in cleansing the skin and controlling oil secretion.


1. This serum controls oil production, removes all impurities from the skin and makes your skin healthy and glowy.

2. Combats acne, fades scars, minimizes the appearance of open pores and regulates the skin’s oil production.

3. Prevent blackheads, whiteheads and acne-causing bacteria.

Maintaining oily and acne-prone skin is really tough I agree, but not when you have these serums with you. These serums promise to give you the best results, and healthy and glowy skin.

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